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Sunday’s leg day 🤙🏼 I wanted to see if I could beat my 110kg deadlift Pb from the other day but found I couldn’t 👀🤷🏼‍♀️ next time I’ll smash it...100kg was so easy and the 110kg felt it too so here’s to next time 💪🏼 I also did a nice few reps of 160kg hip thrusts to finish and of course got squats in too...if there’s no squat rack photo then there’s no proof 🤷🏼‍♀️ 27 days till shoot day and I’m happy with how I’m looking again now with a lot of reassurance and encouragement from a lot of people 🥰 thanks to @alex.dunbabintf for the quality camera work too 👌🏼😂 #girlballer

Little Lady Matlock hit herself a fine looking home run tonight. She's carrying around a little bit of pride right now 😎⚾️ #girlballer

I love the fact I can train on my break 😍💪🏼 I can do a few questionable pull-ups now yaaas and here’s proof 🤙🏼 also I’m looking lean as so that’s another excuse 👀 30 days to shoot day📸😬 #girlballer

My Friends Know Me As Greedy (@gbrown414) Instagram Profile Photo

My Friends Know Me As Greedy

Very proud of the work my princess @_.nayelliiiii._ is putting in. Follow through 💪🏽 and I did teach her that 💯😬 Hey cousin @skydigg4 she said she got next 🏀 #girlballer

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