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Slde Andy (@vprc_andy) Instagram Profile Photo

Slde Andy

I’m happy to introduce my new workout partner Pedro. He’s 80lbs and like a rattle snake, small but will mess you up!! #getbetter

lisa marie🏃‍♀️👸💛💪 (@l_marie77) Instagram Profile Photo

lisa marie🏃‍♀️👸💛💪

You can run your legs off but if the head ain't right.... This book right here has been amazing. A high recommend for those battling the comparison game and feeling the mental slump. #getbetter

DIonte Stewart (drs_tx) (@drs_tx) Instagram Profile Photo

DIonte Stewart (drs_tx)

We didn’t quite our of offense rolling in Game , but our defense was great! Especially that No. 22 held it down at cornerback! Forced a fumble on a big 4th down! • #getbetter

David Parker (@davidparker021) Instagram Profile Photo

David Parker


Focus. The epitome of success in whatever you do. Healing, growing, winning, helping. Whatever it is, hone your skill of focusing. Form a base of what you want and focus on that. Everything else is menial - what people say to you, your own conflicting thoughts. If you want it, go get it. Focus. Hard love my friends. Just go get it. . Photo credits go to @cormierlorraine . . . . . . #getbetter

Workout Anytime Hudson Bridge (@wahudsonbridge) Instagram Profile Photo

Workout Anytime Hudson Bridge

“Consistency is always key in improving any situation” THE MORE YOU WORK, THE BETTER YOU GET How bad do you want it? ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE HOW GREAT THIS YEAR WILL BE LET’S GO LET’S GO LET’S GO BE COMMITTED TO GETTING BETTER #getbetter

Christopher Keshishian (@armenian_thor) Instagram Profile Photo

Christopher Keshishian

W5D1 The video of my 375 squat got fucked up and I accidentally deleted my Bench footage even though it moved beautifully 🤪 otherwise good workout. Included my favorite back workout. I allow my shoulders to protract fully for maximum stretch and ROM. Bench 190x4x6 Close Grip Bench 3x5 @7 Squat 365x1 @6 375x1 @6.5-7 345x5x3 Horizontal Iso Row 4x8-10 Band Pull Aparts 3x30 Standing Lateral Raise Machine 3x12-15 Barbell Curls 3x12-15 #getbetter

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