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MB Official

Lagos, Nigeria

Aviation fuel import into Nigeria has led to expensive plane tickets,since the dollar value increased . In 2016, Niger-Delta EP announced plans to seek $400m investment for the local production of aviation fuel from 1,000 bpd to 11,000 bpd. The facility is ready, to cut imports. #gasoline @profosinbajo @muhammadubuhari @officialnnpcgroup @mb___official

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Robert C. Peffer Jr.

DON'T TREAD ON ME. This is what looks like! I Robert Curtis Jr am NOT PAYING ONE MORE for a OF #GASOLINE. the United States Department of Interior is CLOSED FOR BUSINESS. (Not tapping reserves) you ignorant creepy circus clown Donald J .

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"the results of eco racing research in the USA on July 31, 2019" "SAVE EARTH WITH ECO RACING" Eco Racing is Octane booster number 1 in the world made of 100% organic material. The advantage of eco racing is: 1.INCREASING THE FUEL QUALITY -increasing the 5-10 RON (gasolene) -increasing the 2-5 CN (diesel fuel) 2.MAINTANING THE MACHINE -Cleaning the plagues of sparking plug,tank,gasoline combustion chamber -Protecting the machine from friction with technology nano 3.PERFECTING THE COMBUSTION -Omitting the knocking -Enhancing the power and acceleration 4.SAVING THE COST -Saving the fuel up to 50% -Prolonging the oil up to three times 5.ENVIROMENTAL FRIENDLY PRODUCT -Omitting the CO pollution up to 100% -Omitting the SO pollution up to 99% For more information and order please call Distributor below: Mr.Rony Gunawan Whatsapp: +628112046868 Email: Website: Office: Grand surapati core Blok B9-11,B23-25 Jln.phh mustofa no.39 Bandung jawa barat 40192 indonesia Worldwide Shipping.! 🌍 #gasoline

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Physique Pro Angela Yeo

I don't always know how to smile at the camera.. but I had a really good day. Training went great. After a long hiatus, came to visit. I missed it like home &I hope it never leaves me again. I nailed my window &was much less stressed. I know exactly what I need this week. I want to pour gas on this fire!! 🧡 This is one of my favorite shirts. It's stained and old and been worked in a lot. It will never look clean again, but I love it. I've always lived by these words... Just got a little lost for a bit. Shout out host @ironworksgymtoledo !! 💥🎃💥 #Gasoline @flagnorfail

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