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Tatiana Sciancalepore

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Vera Sweeney - Blogger

Assalamualaikum...shbt MUKA BUKU..😍 "SALAM JUMAAT" Alhamdulillah..breakfast ringan2 dulu→EPAL HIJAU+ secawan kopi masin Kaffe☕panas & 2 biji #Garlic.💊💊 Min Kaffe utk DIET yg sihat n GARLIC utk buang kalestrol jahat dan segala angin dlm badan..😘 Jommm..sarap,Bissmillah...😀 Uolls sarap apa pagi niii..?

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Here's one way to use and . Salad should taste good. Simple **** ● Handful of Cashews ● Cover with filtered water ● Add seasoning like #garlic ● Add about thumb size piece of organic lemon with the skin ● Add sea salt to taste B L E N D ● Add water if desired for a thinner dressing . .

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Claws Mobile Eateries

NFL YET Center - Jackson Heights

🙏🏽TAMPA BAY 🦀🤪🦀 GET YOUR SOUL FED SATURDAY 9/21 while BENEFITING THE RARE DISEASE MOVEMENT 👏🏼👏🏼 📡 1130am-3p 🔦3310 E. LAKE AVE Tampa💥8134129073 Call Ahead💪🏿💪🏿 🦀🦀🦀 #garlic

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Dinner time: my new recipe for chicken wings,the sweet and savory tastes bings out the flavor of chicken, love it; the stir fried garlic spinach, they go well together. #garlic

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Monique Yvette Savage-Russell

Finally made Ramen tonight with Kobe Beef and Shrimp. It was sooo delicious even my picky eater loved it! Now it’s time for bed! #garlic

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