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Luis Silva 🔥🐈🔥 (@oficialsilvaluis) Instagram Profile Photo

Luis Silva 🔥🐈🔥

Cindy Mastrobuono (@cin_dayyy) Instagram Profile Photo

Cindy Mastrobuono

Laurinda Marie (@lulu_wetmore) Instagram Profile Photo

Laurinda Marie

I have a horrible confession to make, I don’t own a complete set of the Harry Potter books anymore 😭. I remember my mom going to the midnight releases at Barnes and Noble and always picking up TWO copies of the new HP books, one for her and one for my sister and I. Between my mom and sis, they might have all of the original hard books, but I’ve hunted mine down at Goodwill, and hence why my set is not complete! Oh well, I know just like old friends, they’ll come back 😍❤️🥰. ———————————————————— #funkomania

I heard Tony will be making an appearance in the Black Widow movie, so I thought I’d show these off! Spider-man: Homecoming Tony Stark 226 Spider-man: Homecoming Tony Stark with Iron Man helmet 225 Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man (Walgreens) 380 ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ mania

DarkSideBros Coleccionables (@darksidebros) Instagram Profile Photo

DarkSideBros Coleccionables

Pensas en , pensas en , somos el del , la mayor variedad y stock del país, los estrenos más Hot del momento y los clásicos de todos los tiempos en el mismo lugar. Vos ya lo sabes, en Uruguay es mania

Endeide Fernandes (@cenariopop) Instagram Profile Photo

Endeide Fernandes

Negan "Meu malvado favorito". Jeffrey Dean Morgan Extremamente racional, violento com traços severos de psicopatia e humor perverso. Impossível pensar em Negan e não associar ao seu bastão que apelidou de “Lucille”, nome de sua primeira esposa que morreu de câncer logo no começo do ataque zumbi. mania

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