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Ultimate carloading breakfast The humble bowl of porridge and a few bits. Hello Friday morning fuel #fridayvibes

[Last night in NZ] 本來想買龍蝦回來煮的 但是活龍蝦都被訂光了😭 最後一晚就是要把食物吃光酒喝光 然後耍廢看Netflix 然後我很認真的買了登山靴 感恩小夥伴的會員卡 七折呀讚讚 又有出去玩的藉口了🥴 Last night in Queenstown, just chill n watch Netflix n drink up all the beer n wine we bought, what a night🍺 #fridayvibes

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Happy Friday everyone!! Can you please wake me up when it’s teatime and the weekend is here 😍🤩 🎉 #fridayvibes 😴🐶🐾

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Maria Haugland


FRIDAY 🌟💫 . God fredag fine deg!🌟💛 I dag står posten + gurkemeieblend forsendelse på agendaen og har du bestilt kan du glede deg😍 Her hjemme preges vi av både snue og forkjølelse og da er det ekstra digg med en god dose antioksidanter som virker i kroppen💫 Og med en liten ts honning i miksen har du virkelig en deilig høstdrikke💛 . Ønsker du å bli med på dagens forsendelse kan du følge link i bio på @bymariahaugland 🌟💫

run, lift & travel 🏃‍♂️🏋️‍♂️✈ (@das_my_life) Instagram Profile Photo

run, lift & travel 🏃‍♂️🏋️‍♂️✈

FRIDAY MOTIVATION: I've stopped letting my past ruin my future. I've stopped letting negative comments dictate my life. I've stopped letting my imperfections prevent me from loving myself. . Those of you who have been following my journey this year will know how many obstacles I've had to face, and I can't be more thankful for the love and support I've received! You guys are one of the main reasons I've started to appreciate myself a lot more and give myself the love I deserve 💚 . I'm not here to show off, I'm here to pick those up off the ground who have been beaten down by life and push them forward to better mental and physical health. Happy Friday my insta familia 😘 . . #fridayvibes

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