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Vittorio Veneto

♻️ Domenica 22 settembre abbiamo l'occasione di pulire la nostra cittadina un ottima opportunità per comprendere quanto sia importante il rispetto dello spazio pubblico. • 🚮 Se conoscete zone di Vittorio Veneto che necessitano una pulizia, segnalatecele. • ⌨️ Chi ha piacere di partecipare all'iniziativa, ci scriva in privato. • Se interessati, segnare la propria presenza tramite il LINK IN BIO!!! #fridaysforclimate

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Espacio del Masaje

ESPACIO "DESMANTELERIA" : ECOEMBES empresa dedicada al reciclado de envases de plástico, resulta pertenecer a las empresas mayores fabricantes de plástico. Aunque es una empresa sin ánimo de lucro, obtiene unos beneficios que rondan los 500 millones de euros anuales, y luego piden voluntari@s para recoger basura. Actualmente tienen una campaña donde solicitan voluntari@s para las fechas 28/9 al 6/10. Por lo visto no tienen suficientes beneficios para dar trabajo digno a personas que puedan realizarlo de forma remunerada. Pero por si no fuera poco esta "eco" empresa ha rechazado los sistemas de retorno de envases propuestos por ecologistas, que evitarían la producción y creación de nuevos envases plásticos. Lo han hecho recurriéndolos en los tribunales, pues alegan los recurrentes que la normativa ataca a la unidad del mercado dentro del Estado. Curiosamente y por si no lo sabéis, aquí va una pequeña lista de algunos de los accionistas de este "eco" empresa, casualmente los mismos que fabrican el plástico y que se niegan a "nuevas" (que realmente ya están inventadas pues en los 80 ya se usaba el sistema de retorno) formas de sostenibilidad. Aquí va esa lista: Bimbo, Campofrío, Codorniu, Colgate, Danone, Freixenet, Gallina Blanca, l'Oreal, Nestlé, Pescanova y PepsiCo... Como nos engañan... #fridaysforclimate

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Students for Renewable Energy

City Hall

SRE has teamed up with community members and local organizations to support the Bellingham Youth Climate Strike! Find the event on facebook and email or message us if you would like to volunteer at the event! • • • #fridaysforclimate

Fichte Endl & Elmer Eyecare

Last week we shipped out our first box FULL of recyclables! . . . I started this project in hopes to raise awareness of not only our plastic consumption but also to raise awareness of the act of being mindful. Often, we find ourselves unsure how to help or change the things in this world that impact all of us as a society. We become overwhelmed with be it guilt, fear or uneasiness and it causes the majority of us to put it on the back burner. Its not a 'feel good'emotion. "I'm only one person" is absolutely correct. You're one hell of a person and as soon as you realize that it takes ONE good effort to change our whole lives is when we start making progress. I love talking about how my coworkers have started saving their contacts or having someone they know do so. It matters. Not using plastic single use water bottles that one concert, matters. Every discussion, plan and idea is crucial to how we decide our future and our childrens. Yes you're one person, me too. Look at , shes only one teenage girl who's starting to get quite a bit of attention. Just based off her actions. So please. Be mindful, live your best and be kind to all❤✌ . SIDE NOTE: Please enjoy our blooper of me failing to catch Dr. Rockwells wonderful throw of the box of contacts lol @rock.paper.shelby . . Since July I've been working with @lasikbuffalo. We paired up with @bauschlomb and @terracycle...we are now collecting: . ●Contact lenses ● Blister packs ● Top foils . 👀🌊🐳👀 . ALL you gotta do, is go about your fine self and save your contacts/topfoils/blisterpacks. When you're fed up with having a box full of RECYCLABLES, drop those bad boys off for us to take care of! . Stop in either of our locations! . ☆ 2825 Niagara Falls Blvd. Suite 130Amherst, NY 14228 . ☆ 6500 Porter Road Suite 2020Niagara Falls, NY 14304 TGIF😎 . #fridaysforclimate

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