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The TAM Experience™ ( Instagram Profile Photo

The TAM Experience™

Juѕt вєcαuѕє yσu α ѕpєcífíc lαyσut dσєѕn't mєαn ít'ѕ thє rєprєѕєntαtíσn σf yσur prσfєѕѕíσnαl dєvєlσpmєnt/híѕtσry. A lαyσut thαt'ѕ grєαt fσr α pєrѕσn ѕtαrtíng σut ín thє wσrkfσrcє mαy nσt вє α grєαt fσr ѕσmєσnє whσ'ѕ wєll íntσ thєír . Hєrє'ѕ hσw yσu cαn tєll: 1. Thє fσnt hαѕ tσ вє tíny (nσ σnє íѕ ѕquíntíng #😑 tσ rєαd yσur , , rєcσmmєndαtíσn lєttєr(ѕ), σr rєfєrєncєѕ)...ѕσrry! #📄 2. Whαt wσuld вє 2 pαgєѕ íѕ nσw 5 σr 6, вєcαuѕє yσu juѕt HAVE tσ hαvє yσur nαmє вαnnєr αt thє tαkíng up α fσurth σf thє pαgє. 3. Yσu'rє fσrcєd tσ dєlєtє vítαl ín єffσrt σf kєєpíng thє #font αt α dєcєnt ѕízє tσ αccσmσdαtє thíѕ "Muѕt Hαvє" lαyσut. · · °~°~°~°~°~° Dσn't Shσrt-chαngє Yσurѕєlf ~°~°~°~°~° · · #💙 #📝

The creative adult is the child who survived🥳 #font

akky Graffiti/logo desginer💯 (@akky167) Instagram Profile Photo

akky Graffiti/logo desginer💯

Follow up @bantertv1 another design done by me ✅💯black# stencil#font🚫

Florian Kirchner (@punkt.kirchner) Instagram Profile Photo

Florian Kirchner

Human faces everywhere. I see more faces then I see iPhones … suspicious. Even when the angle changed and we start to see more down directed ones. 🤔⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #font ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Busy Port (@busyport) Instagram Profile Photo

Busy Port

Winston & Winston Sans is great for spirits branding and packaging. Have you used Winston and/or Winston Sans? Tag us so we can showcase your work!⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #font

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