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Christy Johnston (@christyljohnston) Instagram Profile Photo

Christy Johnston

Rancho Dos Pueblos

PIZZA CAKE!? (Minus the cake part). Apparently there are a lot of people out there who don’t like cake (I am not one of these people) - - but apparently there are also a lot of people out there who like pizza (I am one of these people). So when they brought out a freaking ranch fountain + a stack of gourmet pizzas for the traditional “cake-cutting”... we all lost our minds. Would you do this at your wedding? But I mean... why not both? 🤷🏽‍♀️😉

Buffalo Wedding Photographer (@jessyhermanphoto) Instagram Profile Photo

Buffalo Wedding Photographer

Had a quick little interview with @thebuffalonews today about the WNY wedding scene! It won’t be out for a couple months but I’ll share when it is 🙌🏼 📰

B.Studio Wedding Photography (@biancaraineri_photographer) Instagram Profile Photo

B.Studio Wedding Photography

Baia del silenzio Sestri levante

G & L ❤️ Il 27 luglio , precisamente alle 18e30 , a Sestri Levanti (Genova) ha iniziato a diluviare e proprio in quel momento Gabriel ha visto arrivare la sua Laura. I tuoni facevano solo da sottofondo perché in quel momento erano più forti gli applausi...è stato un momento molto emozionate che difficilmente dimenticherò. Poi il cielo ci ha dato un pó di tregua... . .   #firstandlasts

Hiking Elopements : Kim (@kimbutlerphoto) Instagram Profile Photo

Hiking Elopements : Kim

Mount Rainier National Park

I feel like a new season of creativity of coming! I have been doing double exposures for years but always wanted to be a “purist” and do them only in camera. But then I realized that that was stupid. Yes, I will continue to do them as much as possible. But limiting how I create my photos was stifling and limiting myself and keeping me from my full potential. Well not anymore! I’m ready to let my strange out and see what I can make of it! So for now, enjoy this dope new shot I made last night of @kari.t.carpenter and her soon to be hubby Rob at Mt Rainier! . . . . . . . . @rangerindermag @anepicelopement @wildelopements @wanderingweddings @junebugweddings @dirtybootsandmessyhair #firstandlasts @firstandlasts

Well, it’s simple. You complete me.

Puyallup, Washington

Let’s get lost together... 🖤✨

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