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So Yeah, Tracon is now over and there is lots of time to Tampere Kuplii, so I was Thinking to do some new commissions if anyone needs one Now days I'm also Making Costume desing Commissions for 5 euros also. And Choker and Costumes are also at list, so If you're intrested just message me so we can talk about it, of if you knew someone who would like to have costume made for them, PM me c: So: Chokers: 20€ - 40 € Desings: 5€ Costumes: 50€ -----> Other Jewlery: 5€ ---> #finniscosplayer

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Laura Varjonen

Started playing Witcher 3 recently again and was reminded of how amazing my fav game is ♥️ need more Witcher cosplays ! 📸 // @suojanentony

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