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F-Factor Amigas

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Dr. Elena Ivanina

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Supporting the community at the Hendersonville marathon today and giving out waters! #fiber @team_willman @heartlandstates @heartland_operations @heavyhitters_heartlandstates

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Humans are herbivores in denial - pretending to be an omnivore is quite literally our leading cause of death. Trust me on this - as a radiologist, I look inside people's bodies for a living. I see the visible evidence of a lifetime of western eating habits on almost every single scan I read. Big fatty livers, gallstones, kidney stones, kidney shrinkage (atrophy), shrinkage and inflammation of the pancreas, diverticulosis, big prostates, uterine fibroids, hernias, calcified arteries, degenerative disc disease, inflammatory bowel disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, lymphomas and leukemias, and the list doesn't end. Believe me when I tell you that it's uncommon to see a cancer case in patients who have clean arteries, lean body mass, and healthy looking bowel. Nonsmokers who eat a whole foods plantbased diet low in fried/processed food, who don't drink excessively, and who exercise regularly quite simply RARELY GET SICK. 🍤🍕🌭🧀💊💉 Meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy are full of saturated fat, cholesterol, heterocyclic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, industrial chemicals (BPA, PCBs, mercury, etc.), pesticides, estrogen, etc. and are critically lacking in disease-fighting phytonutrients and fiber. They often contain antibiotics that kill the vital microbiotia in your intestines. Animal protein fermentation releases ammonia which eats away at the inner lining of your colon, causing inflammation and increasing cancer risk. If you eat these products, you are FEEDING DISEASE with every bite when you could be FIGHTING IT. 🍏🍒🍆🌽🌶 Avoid medications, disability, pain, and early death. Watch Forks Over Knives on Netflix or read How Not to Die and get your life and health back on track. A plantbased diet is not a sacrifice, it's an INVESTMENT. 🌱 ditch eat plants have #fiber and don't cause

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Lucía a punto

🌍 Comunidad tejeril 🌎 . 🙆🏻‍♀️ Como en la comunidad tejeril somos muuu grandes os cuento! En mi barrio hacemos un curso de acogida y alfabetizacion para mujeres inmigrantes, vamos justos de recursos, pero eso no es obstáculo para que el curso tenga una acogida espectacular! . 👭 Un día a la semana hacemos la manualidades, tenemos, podemos... construimos lazos entre nosotras. . ❤ A nivel particular me habéis dejado sin palabras compartiendo nuestra historia y donando lanas, agujas, algodones, telas... os habeis comprometido a enviar de todo! Me habéis dejado sin palabras y con corazón dando saltos! . 😎 Si hay alguna marca que tenga restos de stock, material que no vaya a usar... y nos hace un paquetito, nosotras le haremos la ola! 🌊 . 📦 ¿Qué me decís? . . . . #fiber

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Terhune Orchards

With this gorgeous week of weather, we went apple picking at @terhuneorchards 🍎 . . Pictured is our post-apple picking snack -- one of our fresh early Fuji apples sliced, a wheel of brie cheese, wheat crackers, and fresh strawberries 🍎🧀🍓 the perfect Saturday 🤗 . . Swipe to see an action shot out in the orchards! 😄 . . #fiber

I’ve been on a mission 🕵🏻‍♀️lately now that I am 🤰🏻 trying to find the healthiest versions of food that I make at home. It’s important to continue to choose when choosing convenient foods. These bars are delicious and super helpful when I’m in a hurry and need a quick snack @thunderbirdbar They have a bunch of 😋 yummy flavors too #fiber

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🍓کلینیک تغذیه توت فرنگی🍓

To become a Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn: We are now at the stage of medicine as we are selling the disease. I believe that we have a wrong trend in medical profession. It is like standing in a corner watching millions of people who are marching on a rocky precipice and after they fell, we start to work and in the last minutes we will try to survive them. Instead of this trend we should teach them how to march on the rocks that never fall. The solution to this problem is obviously daily nutrition. #fiber

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Brandy • Indie Dyed Yarn

South Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Find Me in Fantasyland is part of my Disneyland collection. I think it would make a beautiful sweater - something simple that lets the variegation of the yarn shine. It’s definitely on my waaaay too long “to knit” list.

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Jio Fan Club

Fibers that don’t catch fire. #Fiber

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