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Ŕavi Çhandran (@ravi_pmr) Instagram Profile Photo

Ŕavi Çhandran

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Aditya Sharma😎 (@aditya_sharma.34) Instagram Profile Photo

Aditya Sharma😎

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The House Renovator

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Helina Adler

🍁тαяυи мєєиα ραтєℓ™ (@_tarun_tannu_meena_) Instagram Profile Photo

🍁тαяυи мєєиα ραтєℓ™

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Sam Steers

【】 三連休、皆様いかがお過ごしですか?🍂 先日、デンマークで出会った仙台に住む友達と東京でお昼を食べた。 久しぶりなのに「ご飯を食べよう〜」の一言で、会うことのハードルが下がってそれまでの空白の時間がなかったような感覚になる。 それが美味しいご飯と一緒だとなおさら。 こちらはずっと行ってみたかった高円寺のメウノータさん。 ご夫婦2人で回されてて忙しそうだったけど、それでも食材、仕草、言葉、一つ一つが丁寧で、優しさが伝わってくるご飯と空間でした。また行きたいなぁと自然と思わせてくれる、私の好きなお店の一つになりそうです。 さぁ今日誰かをご飯を食べよう、って誘ってみませんか?💭 Food is powerful as connecting people: whether we are apart for a long time, eating together brings us closer quickly and naturally. This is coconut curry (vegan) from Meu Nota in Koenji. The atmosphere, each word and act of the owners was so beautiful and calm that makes me so comfortable and hyggeligt. This would be one of my favourite places to invite friends to eat out. Why not inviting someone to eat together today?👀 #farming

Back to roots (@backtoroots_info) Instagram Profile Photo

Back to roots

We respect cows at our farms and they enjoy being with us We feel so connected with them .. Once you are here at back to roots farms you can actually feel the love and kindness for these magestic animals.. Be at Back to Roots farms contact:- 9166117024 #farming

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Caspar Estate

Love fig season! What’s your favorite fig recipe? We used to put goat cheese in the center & dash of baslamic vinegar of a fig & wrap the fig in foil and put in oven. Just delicious! #farming

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andri wewe

Pete pete 😍 edition #farming

🔹 dead garden 👉 by me ;) 📷 iPhone 6s + enhanced by insta 🏷 tags : ing 📷

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‘‘Be the change you want to see in the world” is what I always told myself when I decided to take up organic farming. After pursuing what I had assumed to be my passion for years, I realized that I was only busy fulfilling my materialistic needs and never really felt content with my endeavors. I grew up in Texas, USA. During my schooling, I often felt a sense of isolation and estrangement from not being accepted for who I was. My recognition was purely based on my academic performance which I worked hard for to feel a sense of belonging and self-worth. I was working as a full-time software engineer after attending college in Stanford, California. I was exposed to people from all walks of life when I realized I was different from others and had an uncommon perspective. I got inclined towards socially relevant issues and found inspiration in the Gandhian values. In 2003, the condition of disempowered communities in the Iraqi war and its extreme violence left a great impact on me. That's what pushed me to quit my job and leave the country. When I first came to India, I was appalled with the exploitation being faced by low-income farming communities. Motivated to make a difference in this regard, I chose to farm. While these communities faced innumerable obstacles, the simplicity of their lives made them better connected with their conscience and nature. What I considered the fundamental needs of life were merely just luxuries now. All the things I had been missing throughout my life – the value of community and environment, I now saw as real issues and felt that I need to reach to more communities. I began facilitation as a part of the India Youth Jam which is a week long program where change-makers participate and discuss several social issues concerning our communities and the world. It is a powerful healing space where people share their emotions and support each other in their journeys. Through organic farming and facilitation, I have been able to keep myself grounded and find my purpose. I am now living beyond my materialistic pursuits and consciously pursuing a life of compassion and personal fulfillment.

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