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Daniel Hennessey

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Radhakrishna Photography

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Extinction Rebellion Bath

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Fredy Mathew🌍

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Dheera - London & Lifestyle

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Dharshini 🌏

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eXtinction Rebellion Didsbury (@xrdidsbury) Instagram Profile Photo

eXtinction Rebellion Didsbury

eXtinction Rebellion Didsbury (@xrdidsbury) Instagram Profile Photo

eXtinction Rebellion Didsbury

eXtinction Rebellion Didsbury (@xrdidsbury) Instagram Profile Photo

eXtinction Rebellion Didsbury

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Caroline Horobin

Just a reminder - global climate action tomorrow at Forrest Chase, Perth, Western Australia. Will be there with my grandkids. . . . . . . . .#extinctionrebellion

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Asha Evertsz

"I want you to unite behind the science. And then I want you to take real action.' - Greta is a 16 year old Swedish activist who recently was named "Game Changer of the Year" by GQ Magazine for raising climate change awareness, and she has been inspiring millions of students all over the world to follow her lead by taking to the streets. Oh September 20th, a global climate strike will take place in what could be the largest demonstration to date. . When: tomorrow!! . Where: Treasury Gardens . Time: 2-4pm . . . #extinctionrebellion

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David Solnit

Last night night art build: the red pole paint team. Thanks all 35 folks who came out and teams from #extinctionrebellion team and more

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Better World Builders

12:30pm : Assembly at the WMU Flagpoles 1:30pm : March to Downtown Kalamazoo 3-6:00pm: Strike Event at Arcadia Creek Festival Place #extinctionrebellion

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Went to my first #extinctionrebellion briefing today and it was a very moving experience. I was very nervous on my way but then i felt immediately at home and welcomed by the community. I was worried at first that there would be a 'culty' element to it but while the talks were very emotional there was definite structure to the meeting, well thought-out briefing with concrete goals and values drawn out and a dialogue was encouraged. I met lots of people of different ages and professions there. I really appreciate how the movement embraces emotion as a driving force for action, as well as paying attention to the wellbeing aspects such as managing activism burnout, handling strong emotions before/during/after the actions. Gonna put up the posters outside tomorrow and attending my training later this week. I know plenty of people who'd laugh at this but some of them are just too scared to be seen as 'weird' to do anything brave. is coming and i'm finally feeling ready to take part.

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