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Raquel Ormella (@raquelormella) Instagram Profile Photo

Raquel Ormella

Studio desk and wall today ... ... On the wall of my @anca_inc studio!

Sunday’s Art Club 🌸 (@sundaysartclub) Instagram Profile Photo

Sunday’s Art Club 🌸

Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

This makes zero sense to me...I just wanted to post a pic of my shoe, an artwork in progress and some glitter 💖 enjoy ✨

Kitten Xaos (@kittenxaos) Instagram Profile Photo

Kitten Xaos

Selected work from the QCA Expanded Practice 2 class is currently on show in Machinery Street Gallery in Bowen Hills. My "Embrace Print 2" and "Touch Painting" are included. . #expandedpainting

Genevieve Memory (@genevieve.memory) Instagram Profile Photo

Genevieve Memory

Thanks to Fendi, Annie, Kate, Lachie and everyone else who stopped by the Glass Box Gallery today to say hello! I really appreciate your support as well as the fantastically helpful feedback I am getting from everyone - an artwork really isn’t finished until it meets its audience! Getting feedback is such a valuable process for me, especially because at the moment I am working from my home studio which is quite isolating. . If you would like to show some of your work at the Glass Box, you just need to become a member of the QCA Printmakers Club! It’s just $20 for students or $30 for non-members . My shiny new egalitarianism continues until Saturday 21 September. Gallery attended briefly Thursday 12 noon and Friday 11-1pm . @qcagriffith @annieorourkeart @kate_barry_artist @lach_rhodes #expandedpainting

sean caherty (@s.caherty) Instagram Profile Photo

sean caherty

#expandedpainting handles from cast paint bottles. just paint; several coats, excised and then mounted

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