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Dorina Albu

Полезные Товары  AMWAY В СПб (@tovari_v_baltic_pearl) Instagram Profile Photo

Полезные Товары AMWAY В СПб

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Stefan Laminger

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Mihalyffy Knitwear Collection

Ready for a relaxing autumn weekend 🍂🍷at home or going out? You can make it simple! It’s time to get your fall essentials! #essentials

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COOL! @ampbeatz • • • • • • ▪️ CITY ▪️ _______________________________________________ #essentials

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Anti Anggraini

Capek ya minum obat... Nah teman-teman ini bukan diminum... Cuma dioles atau dihirup... . Apalagi kalau untuk orang hamil... Aromaterapi nya itu hemmm.... Saya gak mampu bilang.... Kepoin link nya aja ya👇 . . . . Atau boleh juga klik link yang ada di bio @antiang.12 . . . . #essentials

Morgantown, West Virginia

Get ready for a good nights sleep! Just roll this blend on the bottoms of your feet, wrists and/or chest to sleep tight all night! 😴 Multiple studies have found bergamot essential oil helps reduce heart rate and pressure which induces the physiological changes that come along with sleep. Perfect to be paired with Lavender, Cedarwood, and Clary Sage because they calm the mind, the feelings of stress and and even the ‘to-do lists’ that keep us up at night! 💤 •10 drops Lavender •10 drops Cedarwood •5 drops Clary Sage •5 drops Bergamot - Top with fractionated coconut oil or your favorite carrier 🌱

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