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Maciej Kochelak (@fishing_with_coach) Instagram Profile Photo

Maciej Kochelak

Lentiira, Oulun Lääni, Finland

Jak tam wasze weekendowe okazy ? 😅

Musky Hunter Magazine (@muskyhuntermagazine) Instagram Profile Photo

Musky Hunter Magazine

Incoming! Llungen Lures always produce fish!

Trxstle (@trxstle) Instagram Profile Photo


Three Magnets Brewing Co.

“SAY WHEN” Trying to determine our favorite Tombstone line...and it’s literally impossible to choose! Who else thinks that film is one of the bests ever?

Had this long boi on Friday night after a 2 session blanking streak. Another awesome zed, Another double, and a couple of nice jacks in the morning before packing up! • • • #esox

I just love flyfishing for pike in autumn, takes are brutal, they jump out of the water with wide opened gills and fight like hell💙💙💙

Max Feldscher (@feld_hunting) Instagram Profile Photo

Max Feldscher

Es ist fast noch schöner jemand anderen zum Schuss zu führen, als selber zum Schuss zu kommen🦌🌿 | @paulceschi | #esox

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