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Today on Amazons On Radio On @classicfm973 @lilianimoni will be discussing reasons why a bride/groom should opt-out of marriage on the wedding day with Uche Anunkwo. They will also be discussing healthy courting habits. Be sure to tune in at 4pm. THE AMAZONS ON RADIO #enterprise

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ORAP Zimbabwe

One of the biggest challenges in the work that we do is getting young people excited and engaged in developmental activities. The more we delve into as one of ORAP's 3 major pillars we have realised that the youth's mental wellness is a critical subject and a reason behind their low morale. Research has shown that younger people tend to experience depression and other mood problems more than older people. For example,mental health issues are a growing problem faced by university students, with anxiety and depression among the most common mental health problems reported by university students. How do we address the mental health issues that the youth is going through? #enterprise

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Star Trek Quiz

What ghost story "legend" did Hoshi conjure up while trapped in the transporter pattern buffer for 8.3 seconds? A. Zefram Cochrane B. Cyrus Ramsey C. Emory Erickson D. Transphasic aliens Do you know the answer? Let us know in the comments! #enterprise

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Teşkilat ICOM

Teşkilat ICOM Network olarak Enterprise’ın yaz aylarında yaptığı kampanyalar için offline ve online çalışmalar hazırladık. #Enterprise

for Oil and Gas is a complete enterprise solution that helps manage production equipment, facilities, transportation and infrastructure assets on a single, integrated platform. &G #enterprise

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Young Workers Resource Centre

Lovely group at the Aware Group official opening last night! 📸 - @arnoldandrews #enterprise

Motherland Coffee Co Dunkeld West

C R E A T O R Webcode content creator • We capture it • We edit it • We market it • You sell it So simple... #enterprise

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