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Map from the CDC showing all states with confirmed cases of Eastern equine encephalitis from 2009 to 2018. In 2019, additional states have reported cases as well as deaths as a result of the disease. 🗺 🦟 #encephalitis

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Kacie Biniak

Today is the day that changed my outlook on life. It was by far the scariest thing to happen to me, but I am stronger because of it. • My post yesterday gave the backstory. So now it begins. My battle to survive and overcome the odds. 💜 This day was always a struggle for me for the first 3 years after. It was filled with many tears and lots of pain. But, it led me to the path I’m on today. The path of taking control of my health. It brought countless friends into my life, and made me who I am today. 💜 Over the next few days, I have no memory of what happened, only what my family posted on Facebook. #encephalitis .

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Encephalitis Society

Can you help us to reach 22,000 signatures by November 22? ‍ Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain – a neurological condition which affects over 500,000 people across the world each year – regardless of their age, sex or nationality. ‍ It is more common, in many countries, than motor neurone disease/ALS, bacterial meningitis, cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis, yet most people have never heard of it. ‍ A key part of our mission is awareness which is why we are: ‍ 1. Calling on the to feature World Encephalitis Day as one of its World Health Days. ‍ and ‍ 2. Asking the to meet with the Encephalitis Society and our Scientific Advisory Panel to talk about why encephalitis matters and how we can further the encephalitis agenda more globally ‍ Link in bio to sign the petition or visit ‍ Thank you! . . . #encephalitis

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Eléonore Charlotte

“The way we were”

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Kacie Biniak

If you haven’t heard my story, buckle up, because it’s about to get crazy the next 10 days. • • So here’s the backstory to this post. • • The previous Thursday, I left work early with a fever and felt pretty crappy for a couple days. That Sunday, I went to urgent care because even though my fever was gone, my ear started bothering me. They said I had an ear infection and prescribed me a Z-Pack to take. • • I went back to work on Monday. Tuesday we took a field trip to County Line Orchard. Then, Wednesday (from this post), I remember being at Kohl’s with Matt & my dad and feeling like crap again. That’s the last thing I remember. • • This was my last post for a few days. #encephalitis

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Sharlena 🌻 “Barrow Holistic”

Save the date. On October 5th and 6th The PANDAS Network is holding an Encephalitis conference in Washington D.C. If you’re an educator, medical professional, work in the mental health field, parent, or work directly with children and adolescents, I highly recommend attending if you can. For more information, visit @pandasnetworkofficial I hope that more parents feel empowered to advocate for their kids. It’s okay to go against the norm. I hope that those who work directly with kids are equipped with understanding that a child who exhibits neuropsychiatric issues may very well have an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. Most doctors are not informed and do not know how to adequately test for AE/PANS/PANDAS. We need to shed more awareness about autoimmune disorders and the real life-changing impact it can have on kids. If you’ve seen the Netflix movie, Brain on Fire, you may be aware of how debilitating autoimmune encephalitis is. Unfortunately, so many kids are not being tested for these autoimmune issues, such as PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders associated with Streptococcal Infections). Many kids who present with these symptoms (swipe ➡️) do not receive dire medical treatment. They may appear fine when there’s not a flare, but in reality it’s a spectrum disorder that presents differently in each kid. Hopefully more people will continue to have an open mind, and we can have a healthy dialogue about this critical issue. If you suspect that your child has PANDAS/PANS/AE, please visit The Pandas Network. You can DM me as well if you’re in the DMV area and need help locating providers. I check messages bi-weekly. ✌❤ . . What is PANS/PANDAS?👇🏽 An autoimmune disorder, resulting from infections or environmental triggers that cause abnormal activation of the immune system. These infections cause the child to create antibodies which attack the basal ganglia region of the brain causing encephalitis.

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James & Kat

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DAY 263: Quick mile in the gym on the way home from a long day at work 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️#encephalitis

❗❗❗SOS! Your help is urgently needed! I cry for a help to friends, acquaintances and just not indifferent people in raising funds for establishing a diagnosis and treatment! My 23-years old friend Ekaterina (Katya) was preliminary diagnosed with Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis associated with measles virus (Van Bogart's leukoencephalitis). Because of lack of sufficient technical base Russian doctors have doubts regarding the diagnosis: some are confident in it, others are not. There is no possibility in Russia to provide an accurate analysis of this diagnosis so the further necessary procedures of a diagnosis and treatment will be only available abroad. Katya’s current state is very poor: she cannot walk, eat or talk on her own. And since the diagnosis is not accurate, it is not known whether the treatment with the prescribed medications is suitable or causes harm. Therefore, your help is very important and necessary for Katya, any amount of 10, 50, 100, 300,500 rubles will be useful. A German Clinic "Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria-Klinikum Clinic", is ready to take her for a treatment. We received invoice - deposit for examination and treatment in the amount of 10 117,50 Euros (around 738 000 Rubles). Despite that we need to apply for a visa for treatment, flight, accommodation, what is unbearable for our family. The clinics can change the amount during the examination and treatment, so this is the first invoice we need to deposit to be taken. We ask for the help of all indifferent people. Katya do wants to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Contact details for Katya: 📎Simurzin Alexander Nikolaevich (father) 📎Sberbank card (Еuro) 5469690013760302 📎Webmoney (Euro) E467200513438 📎Sberbank card (Rubles) 4817 7601 7926 0462 📎QIWI +79022172072 📎Yandex Money (Rubles) 410014401298548 Instagram page for a help: @dobro_project__ 📋Contacts of Katya's father: mob +79022172072 e-mail #encephalitis

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