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Andrea May Iglesias (@beauty_by_andreamay) Instagram Profile Photo

Andrea May Iglesias

Heather Thatcher (@selftalkremedy) Instagram Profile Photo

Heather Thatcher

The Girlfriend Gatherings, LLC (@girlfriendgatherings) Instagram Profile Photo

The Girlfriend Gatherings, LLC

Hey Girlfriends! 🖐🏽 We're doing a positive self-image challenge this month for Self-Love September. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join us. Just write out your Positive Self-Image each day, in the past or present tense.  Use Bob Proctor's "I am so happy and grateful now that..." to start. It's important to write it out by hand, so use a notebook or journal. 📝 Once you have it written out you can either write "Done" on this post, or post it below in the comments. #Empaths #Empaths

Holly-Lee Williams (@the_secret_element) Instagram Profile Photo

Holly-Lee Williams

Perhaps it’s the power of the today 🍂🍁but my creative juices are flowing, I’ve written an entire chapter. I’m now at home the smell of in the air, my candle lit with the music of pulsating threw my speaker. I work better alone away from crowds but being a Mum I often don’t get that time, this is a rare opportunity for me so I’m going to fully and lovingly embrace it. How do you work best? . . . . . . . . . . . . #empaths 🌜🌝

Lightworker SelfCompassion (@taylorjanegreen) Instagram Profile Photo

Lightworker SelfCompassion

💙 LONELY FOR WHO? Ever feel alone after you spent a lot of time with people? . . 💙💙Thank you for supporting my work on Patreon. $1 a month makes a difference. I deeply appreciate you watching. You contribute greatly to my life. 💙 LINK - https://www.patreon. com/taylorjanegreen . 💙TaylorJaneGreen. org . . #Empaths 4 . . 8 5 . .

ORACLE BRIGETTE👁👄✨ (@lovesteadylife) Instagram Profile Photo


Miami, Florida

👁 I experience, I notice, I self-reflect, I observe, I consider, I forgive, I assess, and I change where I desire a shift. Energy starts from within, and the energy of our personality comes from within too. Conscious self-awareness guides me to self-reflect often and take accountability for myself when needed. I’m always evolving, shifting, changing... because I want to, and so I wield my free will to do just that. 😼 . . If this resonates you might like the rest of my work 🔮 follow me @lovesteadylife for and philosophy 🧿🧿🧿 . . s

Dianne Shelton 📿❤️🥳 (@dianne_hamda) Instagram Profile Photo

Dianne Shelton 📿❤️🥳

When we are broken open, the light from within shines through the cracks creating a beautiful mosaic.

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