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JULIAN R AGUILAR | REALTOR®️ (@julian.agent) Instagram Profile Photo


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SouthEastAsian Noodles & More

SEA Bowl

Da & I first got into the restaurant business to share my mom’s recipe with a twist of mine. With the support of everyone that helped spread the word, we were able to stay in this business & make a living. Little did we knew five years ago, that we not only get to feed strangers, but we also get to meet new ones every day. Let me tell you about two amazing & talented guys & their squad that we got to meet yesterday. • During the soft opening phase, we weren’t sure ourselves what days & hours we’d be open. I start my mornings by posting what time we’d be open in our story & played music in the background with different artists each time. I continued the tradition after grand opening because it became my daily routine. When an artist reposts, we appreciate it. But with @imonehunned, he reached out & said he & his @hennymusicgroup squad will be coming after their Fresno show on 9/22. • To sum it up, after eating & hanging out, @imonehunned said let me see the blank wall you got. He then asked @moniemontana & @cirokstarr to grab the paint & brushes. And this was how our new mural was created. • I am still so grateful beyond words. @imonehunned & @cirokstarr, you guys are two of the most humble human beings we’ve met thus far. They spent four hours in the labor of love on this last minute mural. Thank you for your kindness & love you guys showered us on this day. This is what we call human kindness. Doing something out of pure love & joy. • As @theellenshow would say, “be kind to one another.” • #elkgrove

Ding Tea Sacramento

I’m cutting off my relationship with sugary drinks😬 can we still be friends? . . . . . . Water is my new best friend #elkgrove

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Rescate Coffee ☕️

Welcome Fall!! Staying true to our seasons, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Country Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Caramel Apple Cuder have arrived @rescatecoffee ! #elkgrove

First houseband gig of the season and many more to come!!! Thank you to Wiz Con for having us!!! #elkgrove

Creating A Path to Success

Moving forward is my only option 💃🏽👠

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