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Its interior is just as good as its charming and unique exterior. Also provides comfort and convenience, making it perfect for everyday life. -- RUMA REMPOA is a modern-minimalist home with great facilities. -- Schedule your visit now! Click rempoa/ for further information. -- #efficient

Lightbringer Designs LLC (@lightbringerdesigns) Instagram Profile Photo

Lightbringer Designs LLC

Nice to come home from the and see that another of my small attempts to reduce my personal environmental impact has arrived - @trumancleans cleaning products, so you get to see my ! The idea is to eliminate plastic packaging and shipping water around - starter kit has 4 empty bottles and 4 shots of different cleaning concentrates - and if you're a sucker for terrible puns like me, the packaging is gold. The idea is that when you run out, they send you sets of 4 tubes of concentrate, which is small, lightweight, efficient to ship etc., and you just recycle the old concentrate tubes and reuse the spray bottles. Lots of good economies of scale here, and now you don't buy a whole new spray bottle every time you run out Pretty easy to set up, the only catch is the straw can get stuck in the middle, which will mean you don't get the last bits of it since the bottom is domed - that's easier to fix if instead of dropping the concentrate in the neck all the way and putting the top on, put the concentrate in about 90% at an angle, drop the straw in so it hits the bottom anywhere but the dead center, then proceed as normal. Don't put the straw through before pouring the concentrate into the bottle, you might accidentally trigger it to open and that would be messy. Engineering tip, if the straw was made with a slight curve to it, I'd expect this problem would disappear. Hmmm, maybe flex the straw to put your own curve on it before assembly? Too bad I didn't think of that until I made all 4 so I can't test the idea. #efficient

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Environmental Pools

In depth look at a recent mechanical set by our team. Great job by everyone involved to effectively layout this mechanical room and execute! It’s all in the planning and paying attention to the details #efficient

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Grant Botma

Gilbert, Arizona

Can you afford a Financial Advisor? We answered this question in this week’s Stewardship YouTube video. . Here is the reality. A financial advisor isn’t for everyone. But it has less to do with your age and riches and more to do with your mindset. . Are you the type of person who values your time? Would you rather focus on your family, career, growing your income, and life experiences? You may be intelligent enough to DIY your investments, but you know having an experienced professional will do a much better job and save you time. If that’s you then a Financial Advisor is for you! . For more information watch the most recent YouTube video on the Stewardship channel “Can You Afford A Financial Advisor?”. Link to the video is in my profile! . . . . . #efficient

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Caterina Vanzi

9 cake production line Friday night avec mes filles #efficient ✔️

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Votre VA Virtual Assistant

It’s the weekend. Time for me. ⠀ ⠀ 👨‍🌾⠀ ⠀ ... although sometimes I have so much personal stuff to do it seems like I need a separate weekend just to do nothing. ⠀ 😴⠀ .⠀ Keeping my weekends work-free is sometimes difficult as I love what I do and when I get an idea or a creative ‘ping’ it’s hard not to act on it straight away.⠀ 💡⠀ .⠀ That’s when I keep a separate folder in my ‘Notes’ app or save photos in my ‘Instagram to post’ folder in Dropbox. Then I can go back to action them in my work week. ⠀ 📗⠀ .⠀ What have you got planned this weekend?⠀ 🖼⠀ .⠀ ⠀ , , , #efficient, , , , , , ,

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