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Another French fluorite from Altier.

Catalina Sour Vasquez (@catalina_sour_vasquez) Instagram Profile Photo

Catalina Sour Vasquez

C'est la première image mondiale d'une mère embrassant son enfant, prise par résonance magnétique Elle montre les échanges cérébraux identiques se former, créateurs de libérations Neuro chimiques Embrasser ou enlacer quelqu'un provoque la libération d', l'hormone de l'amour et de l'affection, mais aussi l'activation du système de récompense, incluant la hormone du bien être, et la hormone de l'apaisement. This is the first world image of a mother kissing her child, taken by magnetic resonance imaging! It shows the identical brain exchanges being formed, creating neuro-chemical releases! Kissing or hugging someone causes the release of , the hormone of love and affection, but also the activation of the reward system, including the well-being hormone, and the soothing hormone. #earthart

Eliza Erskine (@eliza_erskine) Instagram Profile Photo

Eliza Erskine

Jourama Falls

~ Humbleness. Awe. Connection. ~ This is what distinguishes a stick of wood for the wood cutter, from the living tree for the poet. Childishness for the arrogant - purity for the open hearted. Fucking for the chauvinist - union for the lover. ~ A willingness to learn from the sanctity of life. ~ A willingness to feel awe and sync into the nature of life/love. A willingness to become a part of the cycle. And when it is time to fall to dust... May my footprint remain small but my heart resound far. ~

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