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Wake Up Codependency/Addiction (@wakeuprecovery) Instagram Profil Fotoğrafı

Wake Up Codependency/Addiction

What I love about Jennifer is her transparency and in her latest article she shares her personal views once again with what it means to find the “It” factor. @jennifergimenez #drugrehab

"If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee”. - Abraham Lincoln Now this is a man who knew good coffee. Huge smile! Current students …. I am sure you appreciate a good cup of coffee. Sometimes you may even question, “Is there any caffeine in this cup?” You push your body to the limit in anesthesia school. It is OK to use caffeine to help you get through. Many of you use or will use amphetamines to improve focus & performance during the program. Two pieces of wisdom from someone who went through Anes school 1. NEVER abuse amphetamines 2. Do NOT take addictive prescription meds I was told to be cautious with performance enhancing substances & ~3 of 5 peers exit school with prescription med addictions. Why are students developing addictions during training? Simple: pressure to perform, stress&program directors push prescription meds on students. For those entering into programs….. take care of yourself 1st & foremost. Education is a profitable business. Therefore, program admins are pressured to “perform”. Admins will sacrifice your well-being to ensure their “numbers” meet guidelines (ie a certain % graduate & pass boards). Instead of being more selective with acceptance, they push prescription meds, even addictive meds at the expense of student health. It's all about money ….. Higher student enrollment = More $$$! You can use natural substances like lavender, ashwaganda root, etc to help control stress levels. Take the time to hit the gym! Practice yoga&meditation. I promise you will never regret losing an hour of study time to refresh your body but you will regret a prescription Med addiction. I NEVER used any addictive substances. Look out for yourself! Do not be 1 of the 3/5 statistics. . . . . . #drugrehab

Villa Paradiso Rehab Spain (@villaparadisospainrehab) Instagram Profil Fotoğrafı

Villa Paradiso Rehab Spain

Mijas, Andalucia, Spain

For many years, I had experienced strong panic attacks that caused me a great deal of anxiety and sleeping problems. I tried many times to find help to resolve these problems but did not succeed in getting the help that I needed.⠀ ⠀ Finally, I found Villa Paradiso and the fantastic staff there who helped to change my life for better. I spent five weeks at the Villa Paradiso which is situated in with amazing sea and mountain views.⠀ ⠀ The recovery program was very good. I received a great deal of personal attention and support. Especially, I valued my private conversations with therapists. I discovered the source of my traumas from my childhood and learnt how to heal myself. After my time at Villa Paradiso, my life has become much more enjoyable and relaxed. I am deeply grateful that I no longer have self-destructive thoughts and problems with alcohol and sleeping pills that were related to these thoughts.⠀ ⠀ I strongly recommend Villa Paradiso to anyone with similar kind of problems like I had, as a place to change your life around.⠀ ⠀ Thank you for the kind words and we're proud of you, proud of everyone who takes the first step to recovery ❤️⠀ We're here to help, everyone deserves it to be and .⠀

The Source Addiction Treatment (@thesourcefl) Instagram Profil Fotoğrafı

The Source Addiction Treatment

Stay focused on your mission, remain steadfast in your pursuit of excellence, and always do the right thing. #DrugRehab

The journey towards sobriety is a very delicate balance between getting to know one's desire for escaping and abstinence from one's addiction. At Phoenix, we can guide you on your journey to lead a healthy life free from addiction. For help call us at +91 77999 19293. #DrugRehab

Fellowship Living Facilities (@fellowship_living_facilities) Instagram Profil Fotoğrafı

Fellowship Living Facilities

Don’t be part of the Statistics! We are here to HELP! To learn more about Fellowship Living Facilities please visit #drugrehab

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