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Battlefield Addiction (@battlefieldaddiction) Instagram Profile Photo

Battlefield Addiction What a day today was. Out of the Ordinary, indeed. There are SO many pictures to come, that we can't wait to share. But these two, take a look: They both speak Battlefield Addiction to its core. Thank you to our photographers Dalton and Alexis for capturing this incredible day. (Only about 4000 pics to go through!) Stay tuned for more moments captured.... battlefieldaddiction

Thank you to CornerStone Church of God for your Bronze Sponsorship towards Mary’s Song! It’s because of support from sponsors like you that we are able to continue seeing women’s lives transformed and healed! #drugrehab

The United Recovery Project (@united_recovery) Instagram Profile Photo

The United Recovery Project

🙌 Power to those who are able to recover from addiction on strong will alone, but we know that it sometimes takes much more than that which is why we strive to provide resources for those seeking recovery. We have our Detox facility, recovery center, and most importantly, an amazing team of professionals here to help support our clients every step of the way! If you haven't before, please take a moment to check out our website and learn about what makes us special. . As always, if you or someone you know is struggling with drug / alcohol addiction, we're here to help. Please don't be shy. You reaching out could help save a life.. 🙏💙

Villa Paradiso Rehab Spain (@villaparadisospainrehab) Instagram Profile Photo

Villa Paradiso Rehab Spain

Birmingham, Alabama

💊 Painkiller/ opioid abuse has been a problem for years. Sadly, more people are getting addicted and unfortunately it’s taking lives.⠀ ⠀ We are here to help, contact us now. You still have the to change the ending . 🦋⠀ ⠀ ES: +34 689 80 67 69 | UK: 0808 164 6848 | | ⠀ Chat to us live now:

Iziko Stoves (@izikostoves) Instagram Profile Photo

Iziko Stoves

Wheel yourself to success #drugrehab

Iziko Stoves (@izikostoves) Instagram Profile Photo

Iziko Stoves

Love your craft #drugrehab

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