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Heru Satriayuda

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Alessandro Mellone

عضو رسمی آکادمی فیبروز اروپا (@phibrows_artiist_hosnieh) Instagram Profile Photo

عضو رسمی آکادمی فیبروز اروپا

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Athlete Physique

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Instant Energy Sip to Win the Game For export - distribution & wholesale enquiries +971 4 564 6953 #driving

Chitose Imanishi(今西千登瀬) (@chitoseimanishi) Instagram Profile Photo

Chitose Imanishi(今西千登瀬)

】海の近くに住みたい ☆ まだまだ夏を楽しみたくて久々の へ❤︎ ☆ やっぱりこっちは道が混むのが、、、 ☆ 再開発で人気のエリアになりつつある 辻堂。 ☆ を実現‼︎ ☆ 去りゆく夏を砂浜で楽しむ休日 ☆ この後は急に思い立って熱海まで車を走らせて♪ ☆ 急遽宿を予約して温泉を堪能。 ☆ #driving

Evergreen Park

Sometimes when I can’t deal with my anxiety or depression I go for a drive or a long hike through Ridgewood. I usually drive and sing until my head clears and I cope with what stressed me out in the first place. But today I parked near Evergreen park and was looking in @amazon when I found this gem. I was scrolling through the horror section and however I looked at other books on the feed, this book stood out. Gave me the “Haunting in Connecticut” vibe 👻🏠 so I couldn’t resist and bought it. Thank god it came in the Kindle version cause I wouldn’t be able to wait. But so far just chapter 1 has caught my attention and now I’m juggling between two books for classes and a teen fiction and now horror. I don’t know how I’ll do it but I will🤷🏻‍♀️. . . . . . Synopsis: Aunt Edith was an eccentric person and lived in a house way more eccentric than her. She didn’t travel into town like common folk and rarely invited anyone to stop by. It was just her and that old house, an old house who held more secrets than a sacred diary. But when aunt Edith dies, the only living relative she has is her niece Adrienne. Adrienne is not that fancy compared to Aunt Edith, she only has $20 to her name and a cat. So she quickly moves into the house. Mind you, Adrienne doesn’t believe in ghosts and I just know that means this is going to be a great horror! So let’s see what Adrienne finds in the house and what secrets she uncovers. 😱 #driving

Beautiful sky today... 🌤 #driving

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