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iTel Resells (@itel_resells) Instagram Profile Photo

iTel Resells

London, United Kingdom

Do you look at other resellers and think, "they're so lucky" or "that was a lucky find" or even "why do they always get lucky!" . . This comes up often and for me it's frustrating. Luck is created and manufactured by those who do! You can be lucky and win the lottery but you can't win without buying a tickets. Competitions can be won but you have to enter them. Cash can be found on the floor but you have to go outside to see it! If you're not putting yourself out there, you're not in the right places or you're not investing the time, you'll never create your own luck! Get out there and 'be lucky'.. . . #doyoufeellucky @garyvee

Ingham Road Seafood (@inghamrdseafood) Instagram Profile Photo

Ingham Road Seafood

Check out the Power100 or Ingham Road Seafood Facebook pagesfor your chance to win a $250 Seafood voucher! #doyoufeellucky

Lex Santos (@stlex) Instagram Profile Photo

Lex Santos

Albuquerque, New Mexico

They say finding a sleeping outside your front door is . ❣ -UNI- #doyoufeellucky

Talking Taker (@talkingtaker) Instagram Profile Photo

Talking Taker

Get your popcorn ready - this Friday on Talking Taker we’re going Hollywood as we cover WrestleMania 21! What are your memories of his match with Randy Orton, the story leading up to it, and of course the classic “Dirty Harry” parody trailer? #DoYouFeelLucky

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