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Came home from the woods to some holster goodness waiting for me last night! Huge thanks to @grumpysocket @paganridgekydex for the sweet holster. #dotlife

• R A N G E D A Y • ————————————————— Keep Training And Keep Learning Until You Get It Right. ————————————————— #dotlife

The 45 shot beautifully after getting the slide back. I love this pistol. A 19 fits my hand just fine but there’s something about a full grip that just feels right. The balance of this 45 is 👌 • • • • #dotlife

Ups and downs, it's the name of the game. 6 weeks to flatten this shit out! get those feet moving a little quicker and tighten up the transitions 20-A 11-C 1-D Time 17.50 HF 8.34 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #dotlife

Great match, great squad, followed by a sub par performance. Clerical errors plagued my day......started this stage with a bone dry magazine on my belt plus one with 8 rounds. All my fault but another reason I dislike being run "hot" back to back stages . More focus less chit chat Pace was 10seconds 😂😂😂 A-16 C-8 Time : 17.49 HF - 6.4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #dotlife

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Lovely time with @cort124 today, thank you so much!!! Done at @coveredexpo

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