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A D R I E N N🏃‍♀️F I T N E S S (@adriennfitness) Instagram Profile Photo

A D R I E N N🏃‍♀️F I T N E S S

*Rose string* Colors Available ⬇️ Red Yellow Green Pink White 5 meters - 18 roses *Golden Available* 5 meters - 18 Watch the video Buy 5 or more - get discount Dm or whatsapp on 9811804797 for order   #doitfortheprocess  

Fun time at the Goblin concert tonight with my love. But got home late, and missed posting before midnight. So pretend it's not midnight yet for me. Kthanksbai.🤓 #doitfortheprocess

Juliana Kroese | fine artist (@julianakroese) Instagram Profile Photo

Juliana Kroese | fine artist

Phoenix, Arizona

I love reading a good quote, and this one made my heart cheer YES! right away! . Since picking up my paintbrushes and palette knives again, I’ve been playing around with all of my @gamblincolors and what a ride it has been. I have moments of curiosity and adventure to find new shades, pure joy when I get the extra mood in a color and sometimes absolute frustration when I can’t match the color correctly. . Mixing paint is an art, but also a delight. There’s nothing more soothing and satisfying that the clicking and scraping sound of the palette knife on the glass and the sensation of mixing the creamy textures of oil paint. . The perks of being an artist! . #doitfortheprocess

Jordan Hansen ( Instagram Profile Photo

Jordan Hansen

As promised, this afternoon I've been cracking into unpacking some of the finished products that have yet to be fully revealed - the newest round of smudge bowls I've trialled more of a loose, uncontrolled method of inking as opposed to the usual controlled brush method. Any thoughts? #doitfortheprocess

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