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Loket Mulroney (@loketmulroney) Instagram Profile Photo

Loket Mulroney

22nd attempt to post it Upd: yayy, it works! You can send me ur favourite Inuyasha screenshots and I'll try to redraw them UwU #dogdemon

Brooke Schlaphoff (@aaawhyme) Instagram Profile Photo

Brooke Schlaphoff

Jumping on the meme because I can. It was honestly difficult to decide what styles to showcase here, because I have way more than 4 styles. :/ cant we do a 6styles meme? Or 8??? Help, I'm drowning in styles .. . . . . . . #dogdemon

BadAsh Cosplay (@badashcos) Instagram Profile Photo

BadAsh Cosplay

A WIP post, finally! Not super cosplay-related but I've been playing with my Cricut Explore Air 2 a lot lately and I gotta say, I LOVE IT! I've played with a couple different brands of material, especially vinyl, and my favorite so far is the Siser brand. It's lightweight, the easiest to weed (pulling off all of the parts you don't want ironed on), comes in a 36" roll instead of 24", and you don't have to iron the backside of the fabric to get it to adhere! I made all of the vinyl pieces for this hoodie with 1 roll of Siser iron-on vinyl! (Don't forget your coupons, kids!). Also, I bought the hoodie from H&M on clearance. Gawd I love that store and I'm so glad we finally have one in my town! Now I have a hoodie with all of my favorite animal demons from Inuyasha! ❤🐕❤🐺❤🐶❤🐈❤ #dogdemon

“I thought the only way was to carve out your own place, by force; that’s how I survived. And by the time I knew what was happening, I was all alone.” – Inuyasha Photo and edit - (thank u for your patience and making my vision alive 🤗) Cosplayer - @toku_senpai demon

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