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Happy 😍 I’m obsessed with these feminine care products from @ladysuite_beauty. They smell so good and are lovely for intimate skin.

Lynbrook, New York

I’m starting to decorate for fall this weekend and cannot wait!!! My kids get so excited when they get to help me decorate and change stuff out. Anyone all done with their fall decorating yet? 🍁~ Love chambray and white together in any season! Linking my favorite chambray shirts on my Facebook page. Just click on the link in my bio! #discoveryunder1k

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Sustainable Living & Self Care


The one thing I've learnt since beginning my sustainable journey is that even the smallest change is a step in the right direction. It can be easy to get that environmental guilt if you feel you aren't doing enough, but just remember that if enough individuals take a small step towards saving the planet, that's one big step overall 💛 • I feel like I also need to mention to try not to be completely overcome with guilt if you do find yourself in a position where you can't make the most sustainable choices - sometimes it isn't that simple! You might not have any other option but to get that plastic wrapped veggie, or to buy a bottle of water because you forgot to take your reusable one out with you, or maybe you've stopped eating meat but can't be completely vegan for health or other reasons - and that's okay too! Life isn't black and white, it isn't all or nothing, don't beat yourself up for not doing everything when you're still doing something! • Its all about progress not perfection, and your small changes towards sustainability may be small, but they're still contributing to a big change for the wellbeing of our planet and that is all that matters 💛🌿

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M I L A - R O S E

• AUTUMN FEELS •🍂🍁 Good morning everyone!! You know it’s definitely starting to get cold outside when the heating has to come on. - Getting all the autumn/winter vibes from this photo of my darling girl 🌿❄️😍👧🏼 - HAPPY TUESDAY YOU LOVELY LOT 💋 - Coat • @hkidswear Hat • @ebay - #discoveryunder1k

🍄The Odrinary AHA + BHA peeling solution!! . This product needs no introduction as I’ve seen so many people use it. I couldn’t stress enough on the importance of chemical peel in your skin routine. I use this twice a week for 10 minutes. It does sting alot but it really helps with the texture after using it frequently. Big thanks to @deciem for introducing this peel which everyone can use it rather than running to an aesthetician every time. 🤦🏻‍♀️ . . Do you love using chemical peels in your skin routine??. . #discoveryunder1k

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30 Days of Body Acceptance. Scars and Stretchmarks. . Natures tattoos. Signs we overcame. Whatever you want to call them 🤷🏼‍♀️ everyone has “flaws” on their skin. . I’m showing mine, so you might feel brave enough to share yours. . 1 - side boob. One of the (many) areas I used to begrudge anyone seeing, EVER! Even before the stretchmarks. But pregnancy, weight, gravity and generally growing have now given me little marks. I’m ok with this. 2 - another set of marks that used to give me the fear. Inner thigh stretchmarks. They look so angry still when it’s cold out but they remind me that I’m no longer a slave to my ED. 3 - surgery scars. I can’t show you the one the really got to me and actually still does because of where it’s at... episiotomy scars are horrid but they do stop being so prominent. So. to all the new mums out there who have just had to go through an episiotomy it will start to look less frightening but if you need support I’m here. What you actually see in that third photo is the surgery scar from having my gallbladder removed. It was fucked right over bu pregnancy and there was only one option. . Our marks tell our stories. They remind us of our ability to survive. It’s time to stop being ashamed of any of them. . . . . . . #discoveryunder1k

Simple outfit for the last few days of summer.

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