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Dr. Aanchal I Dermatologist ( Instagram Profile Photo

Dr. Aanchal I Dermatologist

Dermatology Consultants Midwest

It’s not easy becoming a #dermatologist. After college, it requires an additional 8 years of education and training to become board certified, and even more for those who want to specialize in areas like Mohs surgery, dermatopathology, or pediatric dermatology. . While many health care providers offer dermatologic care and cosmetic procedures, it’s important to spread awareness about the unmatched qualifications that dermatologists have—and the expertise it requires to treat the 3,000+ diseases seen across the specialty.

Dr. William Groff (@drwilliamgroff) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr. William Groff

It's official! We are thrilled to announce that for the 2nd consecutive year in a row, Dr. Groff has been voted the in San Diego’s 2019 Best U-T Readers Poll for being the BEST Cosmetic Dermatologist & the BEST Cosmetic Surgeon in all of San Diego!️🏆️🏆 . These Awards exemplify Dr. Groff's achievement to be the "BEST" in his field of medicine and to provide his patients with exceptional care. There is nothing more important to Dr. Groff than his patients. . "Thank you for awarding me this recognition once again. I am extremely honored and grateful to my amazing patients for their votes. You have my commitment that I will continue to strive to provide my patients with "state of the art" procedures along with the highest quality of care and 5 Star Service." ~ Dr. Groff . Please join us in congratulating Dr. Groff for the and Awards. . ☎ FREE Consultation 858.283.5066 . . #dermatologist

•〰️Dra. Luisa Guzmán〰️• (@luisa.derma) Instagram Profile Photo

•〰️Dra. Luisa Guzmán〰️•

👏🏻La dermatoscopia es una técnica diagnóstica no invasiva realizada in vivo, que permite examinar diversas lesiones cutáneas por medio de la incidencia de luz directa con un instrumento llamado dermatoscopio. . 🔍 El dermatoscopio está compuesto por un sistema de lentes y luz especializada, con el que se logra que el estrato córneo se torne traslúcido y de esa forma disminuya la reflexión de los haces de luz; 💥 esto permite la visualización detallada de las estructuras que se localizan tanto en la epidermis, como en la unión dermoepidérmica y la dermis superficial. 👍👩🏼‍⚕️ . 👓 Esta técnica nos permite mejorar la precisión diagnóstica de las lesiones hiperpigmentadas y el diagnóstico precoz de las lesiones potencialmente malignas, especialmente el melanoma. 🎯. . . . . . . #dermatologist

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Leader Healthcare Group

MEIDAM House of Dermatology

😊It's a wrap for @meidam_conf 2019. We are thankful to all who visited our booth and hands on Workshops.We are glad to have been able to serve you the best in technologies and experience.🤝 Stay connected ! 📞 For more information and requests email 📧 . . . . #dermatologist

LINIA SKIN & LASER CLINIC (@liniaskinclinic) Instagram Profile Photo


Do you suffer from acne? 👋🏻 . If you suffer from acne whether mild or moderate the first line treatment according to the Global Alliance Acne treatment algorithm is a retinoid. . Tretinoin 0.25-0.1% is @drsimonzokaie's preferred retinoid choice. This is a topical version of Roaccutane which can be used to apply to the whole face to help either treat acne or maintain acne if you have been on treatment, and have come off if it and have redevelop mild acne. . Tretinoin is Vitamin A driven and acts in a similar way as Roaccutane but without the systemic side effects. It is licensed for the treatment of acne and if used in combination will have a good result. . . As it’s a topical cream it does not require regular monitoring with blood tests. It can however make your skin dry and sun sensitive so it’s recommended to use a high factor sunscreen. . Tretinoin is a prescription medication only and it should only be obtained after having had a full assessment and examination by your dermatologist to ensure you are suitable. Can not be used if pregnant or breast feeding. . . (Note: this is not a promotional post. It’s an educational post on acne and use of tretinoin - please speak to your dermatologist to see if you are suitable) . . . . . #dermatologist

Devonshire House Skin Clinic (@devonshire_house_skin) Instagram Profile Photo

Devonshire House Skin Clinic

Mole removal image taken immediately after treatment Electro micro surgery, also known as Advanced Cosmetic Procedures does not involve stitching. Within 4-6 weeks the healed area leaves no surgical scars. Please check your moles with a Dermatologist to make sure they are benign. Prices for large moles start from £150, appointment time 45 mins. Book your free consultation on 01277 214879 #dermatologist

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