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Gabriel Norah ( Instagram Profile Photo

Gabriel Norah

In honor of the Halloween season I'm gonna be talking about probably the scariest product in the skincare industry.... The dreaded Apricot scrub👻💀 Aestheticians and Derms alike absolutely despise the Apricot scrub...and for good reason! The apricot scrub is a "Physical Exfoliant " Something that usually depends on the use of beads,ground up kernels,salt,sugar etc to exfoliate the top layers of skin. The "exfoliating" ingredient in these "scrubs" in particular is "apricot seed powder" and ground up "walnut shell" . These ingredients have a molecular structure that is jagged and not perfectly round and smooth,hence causing micro-tears in the skin... This long term can lead to hyperpigmentation,loss of collagen, irratation, and even more acne(from inflammation and irratation) These scrubs are just far to abrasive Chemical exfoliants that use BHA's and AHA's such as salicylic acid,glycolic acid,lactic acid, etc are recommended over these because they are much more gentle While also being much more effective at exfoliating. BHA's also have the added benefit of fighting Acne and lightening hyperpigmentation. Stay tuned I'll be posting about "physical and chemical exfoliants" soon! .ives #dermatologist

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MetaOptima Technology

What better way to end the work week than with a delicious potluck? 😋 . Thank you to the team for all of the amazing dishes ❤🥗🍲🥘🍛🍜🍝🍢 . #dermatologist

Christel Malinski, MD, FAAD (@dr.christel_malinski) Instagram Profile Photo

Christel Malinski, MD, FAAD

Is your face sending the wrong message about you? My sweet patient felt that she looked sad and tired which didn’t reflect how she felt. A little and Dysport and I was able to turn her frown upside down. She now looks more youthful and pleasant. She always felt this way but now her face matches her 🌟 Let me help you look as good as you feel or even better than you feel😘. . . #dermatologist . . of my patient from @qnamedicalspa ....our board certified dermatologists have the luxury of not just making patients smile, but creating a happier rested look. Dr. Christel Malinski used fillers and a neuromoduator to perform Perioral Rejuvenation. This means that filler was injected into the lips and marionette lines around the mouth. Dysport was also used. Our patient looks happy, lifted, and youthful with no effort at all!

Dermatoloq Dr.Nigar Rasulova💎 (@dermatologist_dr.nigarrasul) Instagram Profile Photo

Dermatoloq Dr.Nigar Rasulova💎

Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier

Hekimler 12 il oxumur dostlar , ömür boyu oxuyur 😍 Allergan Medical Institute - un Azerbaycanda resmi hekimi olaraq Tulusa Universitetinde kadavra kursunda ishtirak etdim . Cox cox cox beyendim 👍 Eyni zamanda nostalgia yashadim ... Universitet illerimi , kafedralari , zehmli müellimlerimi xatirladim... 📚❤️ . . . . #dermatologist

Dr Sharyn Laughlin (@laserdermottawa) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr Sharyn Laughlin


It is important to appreciate that something can be done to improve the appearance of all types of acne scarring. Energy-based technologies, injectable, and surgical procedures can be used to repair the damage done to the skin by acne. As a Dermatologist that treats both acne and acne scarring, I can attest that these approaches effectively restore the skin and perhaps more importantly the self-esteem. You do not need to go through life reminded of your past acne every time you look in the mirror! • • • #dermatologist

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