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Cristofer K  MusicforGood (@teamzissou11) Instagram Profile Photo

Cristofer K MusicforGood

Low Moon. #denepeople

Sayisi Dene First Nation

A staple in the Arctic and Northwestern regions of Canada, providing nourishment where cooking isn't always an option, since 1924. #denepeople

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Tyra Moses Photography


The earth will provide everything we need to live, if we don’t destroy it first. Lately I have been thinking about the nomadic lifestyle my ancestors lived and all the knowledge lost due to residential schools. We were forced to assimilate and to lose our traditions and culture. Now we fight to regain this loss through ceremonies and belief in the creator and mother earth. There is a saying, for each disease, there is a cure. Well with climate change and the destruction of natural pristine habitats, we lose them. These berries are my favourite and on this 5am morning I came across them and my mouth watered but I didn’t eat a single one because people are told not to harvest 100 kms around Yellowknife due to the arsenic left over from the gold mines. Two Indigenous communities exist in this area, I was grateful to be taking picture in one of them this early morn. Indigenous peoples still depend on the land for food and medicines. How do the elders travel 100 kms to go berry picking? How far do the men have to go to harvest fish? The cost of living in Yellowknife stated a family must have two incomes of 2300 each a month to live with basic needs. Im struggling to live here and I am moving away for education and cost of living. I share my story to help share my knowledge and to help tell the truths. My goal is to create while follow my passions and voice. My great great grandfather signed the treaty so we can prosper together. . “Life” Indigenous People Portraits; Water is life series. . . #denepeople

Tyra Moses Photography ( Instagram Profile Photo

Tyra Moses Photography

Liidlii Kue First Nation

We are the Líídliíí Kue got’ine. People of the community of Líídlíí Kue,“the place where rivers come together”, in the Dehcho Region of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Guided by Dene principles and values, we are the keepers of our traditional lands and peoples’ health. Liidlii Kue First Nation is committed to celebrating our culture in a way that bridges the gap between generations. This is emphasized in all our activities. Our vision is one of positive change and accomplishment. We are actively working towards gaining full control of our lands and programs. We are a strong people that take pride in our rich heritage, as well as planning for what lies ahead.. . people

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Lorraine Naziel

Monument Valley Tour with the Navajo. A most memorable day!! #Denepeople

Tyra Moses Photography ( Instagram Profile Photo

Tyra Moses Photography

Northwest Territories

For future generations; I believe we can easily embrace our culture, heritage and traditions. Most of my stories come from a North American Indigenous perspective because thats what I am. I want to give you a shout out to all Indigenous nations struggling to be recognized of their sovereignty and independence. I see you, I believe in you. We must keep working on our language and culture because if we don’t, it will be lost. I am from a long line of Indigenous knowledge keepers and I treasure this knowledge more than any item I own. My heart and soul is based with nature and storytelling. Hopefully I will find the support I need to continue my projects because I want to share my voice and stories. They say the black bear has a short tail because it froze into the lake while trying to fish ❤️🌎🐻Every animal has a story, just like every person. Please like and follow my page if you support this vision of a brighter future. . Brighter future “Indigenous People Portraits” . . #denepeople

Tyra Moses Photography ( Instagram Profile Photo

Tyra Moses Photography

Yellowknife Ice Road

“Indigenous Resilience” I am born and raised in the Dénédéh (Northwest Territories) leaving only for educational pursuits and to travel the world. I have been to over 26 countries and seen amazing culture & heritage. It took me some time to take pride in being an Indigenous person and even longer to get on the path of sobriety which led me to my artistic pursuits. It’s hard being an Indigenous person, you do get judged and assumptions made. But now in my life, I am incredibly proud to be Indigenous. My parents, their parents and Indigenous people have suffered and genocide committed, whole families line wiped out. My family line is still here, I am still a status Indian but more importantly a proud Dehcho Dene mother. I want to send love out there today to all the Indigenous people especially youth, be proud of who you are and where you come from. We still have a culture, traditions and Indigenous languages that is accessible to you if you reach out and I know your ancestors will loving guide the way. This photography project began this year and it continues to grow. We may have faced some set backs but its a learning opportunity and like the Indigenous people this is my story of strength and resilience in the face of adversity. . . Indigenous People Portraits Model: @shermayn007 Location: Akaitcho territory, Dettah Ice Road. . Please like & comment. If you are interested in support this project, please message. #denepeople

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