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Dylan Collins© (@thedylancollins) Instagram Profile Photo

Dylan Collins©

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G. L.A.

Everyone has a dark side. This is something that’s consider a tabu. Depression can lead to some severe problems. Trying to suck it up and go through it alone it’s almost impossible and others don’t help if they make fun of it or don’t take it seriously. First step, will always be recognizing that you have a problem and that you can always get back to square one with every choice you take. Every day starts from cero. It doesn’t matter how well you did yesterday, it only matter what you decide today. This can seem scary and inevitably you will make mistakes. Nevertheless, that’s how life is. We are humans and by definition we are imperfect beings. Imperfections make us human and they can be beautiful too. In this case, I felt the need to talk about what I do when I faced my inner demons. I dont always confront them properly, but taking the wrong decision once doesn’t mean giving up. Tomorrow is a new day remember? That counts for mistakes too. I found a beautiful and powerful quote in @halahajjab Story (you can see it in my stories) and I concluded that one needs to get to know one’s demons so good that one can “talk” to them by their names. #demons

•Nevena Milenkovic👽• (@sister_of_a_crazy_scientist) Instagram Profile Photo

•Nevena Milenkovic👽•

Belgrade, Serbia

💃 •Some people will never like you Because your spirit irritates their #demons ✍🏻😈🤷🏼‍♀️•

I don't know your story or your dreams or the things that steal your sleep, but I know they matter. I hope that there's is beauty in your memories, and I hope it doesn't haunt you. And if it does, then I hope there is someone who will walk you through the night and remind you of the promise of the sunrise, that beauty keeps comming, that there are futures worth waiting and fighting for, and that you were made to dream. . . . . #demons

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