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Jessica Robinson CEO @PureIntl (@jessrobin96) Instagram Profile Photo

Jessica Robinson CEO @PureIntl

Manhattan, New York

My Ladies, I spent a good portion of my night out tonight talking to a woman who wanted to speak to me about a dilemma she had. Yes, it was serious. Yes, I could see she was scared. What I want to remind you and that WE as divine feminine have an incredible power inside of us. I have learned that over and over (the hard way) in my own life experience. We don’t realize the power we have. Yet we live in fear. We give our power away. We do this over and over again and we don’t event know it. I here to let you know YOU have the power you need to feel safe. YOU can feel safe on a daily basis. Can we control everything? No, of course not. I living proof. I also know the reason this is my life’s purpose is because this is what I needed to learn most. I will be sharing more information on this in the future. It me so, so much to see women living in such fear (and anger). The woman I spoke to tonight, this personal situation she was in, cost her her job (yet it had nothing to do with her work). It does not have to get to that point. We will discuss more of the key topics women ask me most. These are questions women ask after I make business presentations because they are afraid to ask the question (rightly so) in front of their male colleagues. I LOVE you all. I do this work for you. If you have questions reach out. I will respond even if it takes me a few days. . . . #datasecurity

IRecovery Data Panamá (@irecoverypanama) Instagram Profile Photo

IRecovery Data Panamá

¡Evita lucir así! Si las cámaras de tu empresa perdieron material de seguridad, solicita nuestros servicios de CCTV Recovery y nosotros lo solucionamos 👨🏽‍💻. . . . #datasecurity

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Your data is worth tens of hundreds of dollars per year to companies. Your data is valuable - just not to you. Companies have profited from your data since the Internet began. In 2002 they never thought it would come this far. By now, we know better. Sign up for Loginhood to earn your fair share for your data, while blocking 500+ companies profiting from you today. Your Data. Your Dollars. . . . . . security

Data Safe Group LLC (@datasafe_llc) Instagram Profile Photo

Data Safe Group LLC

Data Safe LLC

Are you down with ??? Voice over Internet Protocol, also called IP telephony, is a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the Internet. Connect from any device, save money, we’ll help you get setup @datasafe_llc

Wontok’s Secure by Design approach delivers protection against threats even when you can’t see them. Unlike traditional antivirus or security solutions, our award-winning technology intercepts online threats before any damage is done. ⠀ ⠀ Learn more about Wontok and how we can help you and your customers -⠀ ⠀ #datasecurity

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