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Tyler Krewson (@cheftk04) Instagram Profile Photo

Tyler Krewson

Josh Rodriguez (@everydayfba) Instagram Profile Photo

Josh Rodriguez


My business partner and I both putting in work! ❤️😎

jcampb37 (@jcampb37) Instagram Profile Photo


No mom tonight?! What kinda shenanigans we gettin into Amara?? #dadliferules

Kyle Maurer (@maurerkd) Instagram Profile Photo

Kyle Maurer

Fun with magnets! 🧲

Piggyback Rider (@piggybackrider) Instagram Profile Photo

Piggyback Rider

"Who else has a toddler who refuses to sit in the stroller? Cause lately all Kamila wants to do is hop out and go go go. But with the help of the , she can now ditch the stroller and hitch a ride on Daddy’s back instead! And based on that huge smile, I think it’s fair to say she loves it right? It’s products like these that make parenthood a little bit easier! Thank you for the perfect carrier for all of our future adventures." @kryssatee

Bear McClaskie (@bearmcclaskie) Instagram Profile Photo

Bear McClaskie

But dad can you still give me rides when I’m big like sissy... you never have to get down cause I’ll keep getting stronger for you And yeah all the lemonade was spilled on my head 😅rules

Patrick Keith O'Brien (@extexascoach) Instagram Profile Photo

Patrick Keith O'Brien

Tyler, Texas

How my haircut lady just looked at me when I said,”That shampoo smells better then the bar of soap I use to wash my hair.”

The things my kids say. At least the kid had a halfway decent excuse. That teddy bear was in critical condition. Bryson didn't even look up at me. rules

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