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Affan sayyed | عفان سيد

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TK New York

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R&R Law Group

In today's video, we discuss the Maricopa County Attorney's Office (MCAO) and their unfair advantage in criminal cases by having almost real time access to the software, FTR which stands for: For the Record. This software allows one to have access to see what is happening in court with rewind, pause, and fast forwarding features. In this video, criminal defense lawyer Robert Gruler explains how the prosecutors with the MCAO has an unfair advantage using FTR because they are able to review it a lot faster than a private criminal defense firm, like ourselves. Need help? Call our office at (480) 787-0394. #criminaljustice

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Асаляму алейкум 🖖 Дорогае подписчики 🖤 | --------------- \ ------------------ | В топим 🥀 \ ------------ \ Люблю вас ❤ |-----------------| Я для вас стараюсь ❤ ------------------------------------------- Пожалуйста активнее ♥ ------------------------------------------------ Просьба берите видео, отметить Группу @crminal__05 @granata.o7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ justice 🥀

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Marine Corps Recruiting

I want to congratulate my friend Laura Gonzalez @lgonzo_0 on achieving her dream of becoming a Law Enforcement Officer! . . She served in the United States Marine Corps for four years, then used her educational benefits to earn a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice! . . She graduated from the Police Academy as the Class Leader and was sworn into a North Texas Police Department! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 . . . #criminaljustice

On this day in 2011, the State of Georgia executed Troy Davis, an innocent man who had been on death row for 20 years. Although there was credible and compelling evidence that pointed to Mr. Davis's innocence, the State refused to do anything that would have saved his life. . These were Mr. Davis's last words: "Well, first of all I'd like to address the MacPhail family. I'd like to let you all know, despite the situation – I know all of you are still convinced that I'm the person that killed your father, your son and your brother, but I am innocent. The incident that happened that night was not my fault. I did not have a gun that night. I did not shoot your family member. But I am so sorry for your loss. I really am – sincerely. All I can ask is that each of you look deeper into this case, so that you really will finally see the truth. I ask my family and friends that you all continue to pray, that you all continue to forgive. Continue to fight this fight. For those about to take my life, may God have mercy on all of your souls. God bless you all." . Please read the book I Am Troy Davis, and please keep fighting this fight. ✊ . #criminaljustice

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