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Rodrigo  Dantas (@rodrigo_dantas1) Instagram Profile Photo

Rodrigo Dantas

🥀-جامڈگن (@jamiesofficial) Instagram Profile Photo


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Pontal em Foco

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Greater Manchester Police

Day 5 - Can you spot the hidden knife? This is the final spot the knife post for week. Swipe to see the final reveal! Thank you to the members of the public who have participated in our spot the knife challenges and thank you to the members of the public who have been in touch this week to report hidden knives. To ensure police and partner resources are targeted in the communities where they are needed most, we are asking the public to be aware and report any knife sightings to us in order to reduce the circulation of weapons in our communities. #crime

Facts! Y isn’t everybody held to the same standard? 🤔 repost: from my dude @montaga ——- ——— ——— ——— ———— #crime

C_R_E_E_P_Y - S_0_U_L (@shem_milan) Instagram Profile Photo

C_R_E_E_P_Y - S_0_U_L

#crime parrtner

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wrathfully judged.

he'd raise his rifle to the classmates head, quietly he'd speak to them before eventually destroying their frontal lobe with a swift flick of the trigger. : #crime

Think good writing/photography/painting/music/ART deserves support? Then you might be interested in backing my new novel over at @unbounders... Your pledge can be as little as £10, and is essentially a pre-order, helping the book get made (it's written, but editors, cover artists and turning it into an actual physical book costs 💵). Every pledge gets your name in the front of every copy. If you want to pledge more you can get everything from the book+ a personalised poem, manuscript critique, or launch party invite. And if it doesn't hit 109% (😅) you get 100% of your money back. So, please do think about supporting culture, because it's ace 📘🍋🦄🙏🦁

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