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There’s a dark place that we can’t denied 👻👻

The more you look at this image, the stranger it gets (Deviant artist: Jeff Lee Johnson) . . . . . . . . . . 😱 things

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Church BBQ today so I had 2 bunless hotdogs, then had 2 kids power crunch bars. For dinner I had these 4 @realgoodfoods snack pizzas (will get these again and added 2 pepperoni on each) the 1 Pepperoni popper with them (they don't have a strong flavor and can't really taste the pepperoni in the popper) and 4 of the jalapeno poppers (they had a good flavor but I'd rather make my own regular jalapeno poppers). Now it's movie night and I'm going to splurge on some sugar free whipped cream and then we are fasting for a few days. #creepythings ***I do extended fasting for health reasons and diabetes management. You don't have to fast on keto. If you plan to fast please feel free to ask me questions as well as do your own research, it is not for everyone.***

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