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Liz Galluzzi (@lizphish0101) Instagram Profile Photo

Liz Galluzzi

Cel | Self Love 👑 (@cel.grell) Instagram Profile Photo

Cel | Self Love 👑

Kelleigh | Hills and Valleys 🌌 (@hillsandvalleys_studio) Instagram Profile Photo

Kelleigh | Hills and Valleys 🌌


So it looks like even though it's still almost 100° out, Christmas has officially taken over my feed! 🎄😂 This beauty of a custom hoop just got wrapped up this morning and will begin it's journey home tomorrow. 💕 Looking for a custom Christmas gift for a friend (or for yourself 😉) contact me to get started! Actually, next up on my list is a bridal bouquet soooo some flowers will be thrown in there, but after that back to Christmas prep! . . . . . 🎄 #crazyplantlady

❇️Jacky    🇩🇪 (@missjacky_v) Instagram Profile Photo

❇️Jacky 🇩🇪

Laaange lange hab ich mit der monstera variegata monkey mask geliebäugelt, bis ich sie letztens im Blumenladen entdeckt habe🙈🙊💚 Schicksal. Sie durfte natürlich einziehen ☺️😍 . . . #crazyplantlady

Kiki Roten (@kiki.roten) Instagram Profile Photo

Kiki Roten

Can I just say how overly hyped I for the weekend? 🌱

DIRTQUEEN NYC 🌵🌸👑 (@dirtqueennyc) Instagram Profile Photo


Rubber plant (aka Ficus elastica) in this vintage planter is giving me a real renaissance feel, think I’ll go put on a ruffled collar. 🌿🖼. . . . . #crazyplantlady

Hannah 💚🌿🍃 (@plantsaregrowingonme) Instagram Profile Photo

Hannah 💚🌿🍃

I kind of feel bad having hanging plants. They keep growing and growing looking for something to latch onto (like a tree) and they’re never going to find it 😪 Do you think they care?? Do they feel unfulfilled? Am i overthinking this? . . . . . . #crazyplantlady

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