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Sarah Caligiuri☀️ (@_sare_xo) Instagram Profile Photo

Sarah Caligiuri☀️

Form Faktory - Art Prints (@formfaktory) Instagram Profile Photo

Form Faktory - Art Prints

Kennedy Rose Interiors | Rugs (@kennedyroseinteriors) Instagram Profile Photo

Kennedy Rose Interiors | Rugs

Newhall, Santa Clarita, California

A personal favorite that’s hitting the site tomorrow morning! “Hudson” has the prettiest shades of subtle ombré blue and little pops of sea foam green in the border. Send a DM to inquire and purchase before it hits the site tomorrow morning at 9AM PST ✨ • • • #cornerofmyhome

Chanel Roth Arrimer (@chanel.lauren.roth) Instagram Profile Photo

Chanel Roth Arrimer

When we got this Gorgeous Plant she was on the verge of death and now I so happy she is flourishing 🌱 Can’t wait until she is able to grow all up and through the basket wall 🌱🌱🌱❤️🌱🌱🌱❤️🌱🌱🌱❤️🌱🌱 * * * * * * * * * * #cornerofmyhome

Caitlin McDonnell (@cait_mcdonnell) Instagram Profile Photo

Caitlin McDonnell

The afternoon light in our home is my favorite✨I’d like to bottle it up! Some of y’all have been asking about the new paint color and this photo definitely shows it nicely. It’s @sherwinwilliams “on the rocks” and we are so happy we went with this! At first I was worried it would look more white than gray but I honestly think it’s perfect (good thing, because there’s no way @coachmikemac would go for changing the color again 😉😂). . . . . . . . #cornerofmyhome

Lindsay Lu (modernmademama) (@lindsaymlu) Instagram Profile Photo

Lindsay Lu (modernmademama)

Overhead Door of Sierra Nevada

There’s seriously nothing better than pulling up to your driveway and being greeted by this beauty! To say I’m happy would be an understatement! I love it so so much I could scream.... okay maybe I already did scream! I really have my husband to thank and all his hard work for making a lot of our home updates happen and my visions come to life. I’m not gonna lie I was a little nervous about these. What do you think? • • • • • #cornerofmyhome

i was looking through my feed & realized i haven’t shared a single photo of the sunroom... which is insane, because it’s one of the spaces that sold me on our home. i do yoga in here, swing in the hammock, work on my laptop, write, meditate... the cats love it in here too. the temps have dropped tonight & it feels heavenly in here. i lit some candles and the mood is set. grateful. ✨ _____ #cornerofmyhome

Rebecca Parkes (@juniper_and_bec) Instagram Profile Photo

Rebecca Parkes

When afternoons look like this who needs to leave the house? Lunch with with my baby while she feeds herself with a spoon because she grew up overnight, and lots of cuddles because she’s also running a fever. We had Hocus Pocus and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on repeat and I found some time to sit quietly with my new art piece to really take it in and see where I want to take it next... ✨ 🌙 ✨ #cornerofmyhome

Lee Jofa (@leejofa) Instagram Profile Photo

Lee Jofa

Chic retreats designed with leisure in mind. @housebeautiful - - Curtains: Lyra @aerin Sofa: Hollyhock Handblock

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