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Lizandra Belon Nunes

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Story Lover Girl.

Flowers? For me? Haha. Gods. My final performance of Show Of Force was amazing. I am so glad I got to work with such wonderful, talented, and great people from my co-actors, to my director and co director, to the play wright herself, Beverly Coyle. Thank You, Everyone, So much. For helping make this happen, and Thank you for those that came to see my performances, or supported me in any way. #Connections

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kamaria Mistic_RGF

After a long overdue conversation with a dear friend that inspires me & at the same time allow me to be! Allows me to be me, the true version of me, without judgment, without conditions just love & acceptance in our connection. I was able to share the not need of a coven. I was able to share that to truly works w your shadow means you are always growing & being more that comfortable. After sharing some deep insights, with words that just was released although fully truthful but not ever something I would have share in a fully conscious self -I too have my personal ego & this transparency without a hesitation; well it’s just not something I would put myself freely without measuring consequences. However I do know that working w Lilith & channeling can sometimes put me in a trans state of mind that allows me to fully be in the present without judgment, without shame, without games just fully brutally honest so I too deal w what was once hidden. Lilith free me from a moment created in time & allow this secret of “out of sight out of mind” state but honor the seed was there has always being there & had to be acknowledge. Me as a person, as this vessel human, can’t comprehend this honesty to be shared as I am unconscious. Yes,I’m used to talk, see, hear, feel, touch, smell & reach to many, many souls while sleeping but to physically act & share my deepest feelings it’s something I have never experienced before... as soon as I realized, I took it back, as if it was in my power to take it back. Truth is I couldn’t been + truthful & facing without this hiding & shaming to feel this way. Thank u Divine universe to set me free & release all that kept me hidden, silenced for so many years. I wasn’t ready to be so free but The Dark Goddess we are true to ourselves & face it whatever comes. I own up to my words, my truth, to be present. I released the force that held me back, I accept u .To be truly honest & connected... I released the judgment & I choose again but this time with love 🖤🖤 #Connections 🖤🧚🏻‍♀️🦉🐺🐻🐘🐋🐍🖤🎶🕯🎼🖤🖤😘

Just figuring out life with the right people🙏🏾. Expand your network=success💯. #connections

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Awaken Your Soul Retreats

Greens Organic

Ending Day 2 in Peru with a group dinner out in Cusco! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #connections

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!Connections! - {BL} You are considered to be one of Aika’s friends, she treats you with respect and would be down to hang out with you anytime! - {BR} Aika hates you with a burning passion, you are her enemy. You did something to make her to absolutely despise you.- {TR} You are Aika’s BEST friend, she cherishes you a lot and wants nothing but the best for you. She laughs and smiles around you the most. She tells you things she wouldn’t tell other people.- {TL} Acquaintance, Aika doesn’t think much of you, she doesn’t have an exact opinion on you but she would love to get to know you better. - {Middle} You somehow made your way into Aika’s heart, she is very shy at first when it comes to relationships. She may hold your hand and get all red. She blushes the easiest around you and your about the only person who could ever do that to her. She enjoys the feeling that you give her and will cherish you so much. 2/3 (if you want to be a main lover just ask in DMs or comments then we can discuss! ^^)

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