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Chiara Canigiani (@chiaracanigiani) Instagram Profile Photo

Chiara Canigiani

MANDY & STEN 🔆 Travel Moments (@dieweltgeniesser) Instagram Profile Photo

MANDY & STEN 🔆 Travel Moments

Dancers Network (@dancersnetworkuk) Instagram Profile Photo

Dancers Network

Maria 🦝 Animals & Ancestors (@energiadeltejon) Instagram Profile Photo

Maria 🦝 Animals & Ancestors

Nici & Starlight💫✨ (@ng_horses) Instagram Profile Photo

Nici & Starlight💫✨

Margo Mama (@mom_zet) Instagram Profile Photo

Margo Mama

JalirasFitness ( Instagram Profile Photo


A  Q u a r t z y  L i f e (@aquartzylife) Instagram Profile Photo

A Q u a r t z y L i f e

Clean Juice® Birkdale (@cleanjuicebirkdale) Instagram Profile Photo

Clean Juice® Birkdale

Katherine Moore (@runningintoyoga) Instagram Profile Photo

Katherine Moore

Ronny #Chemnitz #Blog 👫 (@ronnymayerhoefer) Instagram Profile Photo

Ronny #Chemnitz #Blog 👫

Luna von der Waschbach (@mini.aussie.luna) Instagram Profile Photo

Luna von der Waschbach

Monika Müller (@shoppingmoni) Instagram Profile Photo

Monika Müller

CMX Connect (@cmxconnect) Instagram Profile Photo

CMX Connect

Culinary Angels (@culinaryangels) Instagram Profile Photo

Culinary Angels

With weather starting to cool down- gardens are filling up with fabulous winter vegetables!  Vegetables are bursting with phytochemicals that do everything from protect our bodies from daily wear and tear to combat cancer.  Steaming, sauteing, baking, roasting...there are so many simple and quick ways to make these delights delicious. What is your favorite way to cook veggies? #community

Constant Competitor (@constantcompetitor) Instagram Profile Photo

Constant Competitor

📣 August Competition // Week 3 of 3 // Workout 5️⃣ ••• 🔗 Compete FREE, Link in Bio! 🔗 ••• “Dizzy” As Many Repetitions as Possible in 12:00 Squat Clean + Jerk + Hang Squat Clean + Jerk • Complex must be unbroken, without the bar touching the ground between movements. Advanced: As written above Intermediate: If unable to receive Cleans in a Squat position, Intermediate Competitors may choose Power Cleans but must also complete a Front Squat prior to the Jerk movements ••• ♾ #community

Locally Well (@locally_well) Instagram Profile Photo

Locally Well

Follow @locally_well on Facebook as we provide more information and resources through our Facebook page! . . Stay connected with your health and wellbeing services! . . #community

Cari Oschman (@carioschman) Instagram Profile Photo

Cari Oschman

No weights, no problem! Swipe to see how you can improvise 😉 BTW..this is one of my favorite shoulder moves. Upright row- Press Forward..slow and controlled 💪🏼 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #community

Stephen Taylor (@taylorthelifestyle) Instagram Profile Photo

Stephen Taylor

So grateful for this man! Today is his birthday and I would not be who I am today if not for James Barr! At the start of our friendship he modeled vulnerability in a way that radically impacted me. James wouldn’t rest until I chose to live a connected lifestyle in community, which unfolded into one of the greatest times of my life To this day it’s impossible to hang with James without having a meaningful conversation about God and the topics we are most passionate about. I love you bro!! . . . . . . . #community back to

Cole Bulmer (@coleslawjf) Instagram Profile Photo

Cole Bulmer

Connect Church

Pioneer Club at my friend Marie’s church :: Stella is less than enthused that participation is required 😏😂 the other 2 jumped right into a group of girls they’ve never met 😂 excited for them to be a part of a new community ❣️ #community

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