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The United Nations ranks New Zealand as the 7th best school-educated country in the world, just behind Germany and ahead of Canada Interested in studying abroad? For inquiries contact us on . . . education

After Melbourne, Sydney is another great place to get education in Australia. Sydney has some World Class Universities where you can complete your study Interested in studying abroad? For inquiries contact us on . . . education

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Bishnupur Hope Social Welfare

HIGHER EDUCATION SPONSORSHIP:⠀ Aparna Pore is the eldest of two daughters in her family. She is also the first individual in her family to go to college. It's hard for a girl like Aparna to dream of a career - because it's hardly ever done in her village. But we want her to be among the first in her village to change this scenario.⠀ Recently, her father was diagnosed with a heart disease that has left him weak and incapable of going to work. Given the conditions in her family, it might be easier to just give up on her dreams and find a low-income job somewhere in her village. However, we are encouraging Aparna to continue her college education - so that, in due time, she will be able to find a well-paying job and take care of her ailing father, her mother and her younger sister. We are supporting her education now so that she will be able to find a job and support her family in the future.⠀ Would you like to become Aparna's sponsor? She is now a 1st year student of B.A. at a government college in West Bengal. Please do comment/send us a message if you are interested in helping her.⠀ You can also make a one-time donation here: or transfer via UPI to bhswsindia@ybl⠀ ⠀ #collegeeducation

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Tuition Gateway

If you are like most parents of collegebound students, you have spent nearly all of your time on admission related issues: courses, grades, tests, activities, college visits, essay writing, and so forth. But now, with a high school senior, you are starting to worry about how you are going to afford the tuition bill. It is time to bring “How am I going to pay for college?” concerns front and center. Call ‭(424) 800-2248‬ Hours: M-F 9:00AM - 5:00PM ⏰ Learn more: ・ ・ ・ education

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College Savings Foundation

Do you have a ? When using a to save for education, money used for education is tax-free. . . . . .

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Tuition Gateway

We can help save you thousands on the cost of your student’s college education. How? Learn more: ・ ・ ・ education

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