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Hello there! Enjoy this close up picture of my drawing. It’s a clouded leopard, charcoal and soft pastel on brown paper. . . . . . #cloudedleopard

Feng Zhang (@ding_lingwei) Instagram Profile Photo

Feng Zhang

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Newly arrived clouded leopard cubs at @smithsonianzoo . Definitely a great addition to a great exhibit! #cloudedleopard

Kiki Story Lawless (@that_sneaky_kiki) Instagram Profile Photo

Kiki Story Lawless

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre

This is Popork, who was bred in captivity from a pair gifted to Phnom Tamao. He was kept to continue the release program, but clouded leopards are very difficult to breed in captivity, and while he and his partner get along well, they haven't produced any cubs and are most likely getting past breeding age. She was asleep in a nesting box but luckily Popork was taking his daytime snooze out where we could see him #cloudedleopard

Anyone with a cat has seen this behavior—while exploring, Paitoon taste-tests the leaves of a tree, but his focus is elsewhere. He’s just using another of his senses to gather information about his surroundings. Lesson learned: this leaf is not snack material, there are more interesting things to check out above. #cloudedleopard

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Benjamin Rothery

New cards coming to the website tomorrow...

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