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Aishwarya Das Pattnaik (@aishwarya_das_pattnaik) Instagram Profile Photo

Aishwarya Das Pattnaik

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Clothing Brand

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Sophiya Anjam

Софи про Zero Waste ♻️ (@sofi_dem) Instagram Profile Photo

Софи про Zero Waste ♻️

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WWF-Pakistan (@wwfpak) Instagram Profile Photo


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Georgina Daniels

Georgina Daniels (@ribenageorgina) Instagram Profile Photo

Georgina Daniels

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Jane D'Arensbourg

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top3 by design

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Indy Davies

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sebastian berger

SPA board member @orangetwistsea screenprinted posters of this fantastic design by @christi_belcourt for tomorrow’s and #climatemarch in . Pick them up 9am-9pm inside the Pratt Print Studio at the corner of 20th Ave S and S Main Street. Art by Christi Belcourt @christi_belcourt

Margo Isadora (@margoisadora) Instagram Profile Photo

Margo Isadora

UN Headquarters

Reflecting on the last few months with immense gratitude. Winning a trip to Thailand opened my eyes to the severity of our plastic problem, which inspired @currentofcolor, and connected me with incredible activists at the UN . . Excited to share @currentofcolor to launch the United Nations Climate Action Summit tomorrow with @peaceboatus, @gracedelivers, and other climate experts!

bones (maya) (@bone_flavoured) Instagram Profile Photo

bones (maya)

how did i manage to somehow on vsco girls, agriculture, exxon mobil, republican news sites not properly addressing the earth being on fire, and vegan twitter all in one pic? 😳 - well, first of all, i'm an second of all, i'm filled with rage and third of all, i usually don't turn on my location. 👌 hope to see yall at the march tomorrow though, i'll be there in the flesh and ready to watch you get arrested from if/when you beat me to death or sumn idk - oh and if you're saying you're going to that march tmrw but you're really just skipping school? you and eat lol your home planet's dying get real you in clown 🤡 #climatemarch

Jan Bowie (@jbowpics) Instagram Profile Photo

Jan Bowie

@guardianaustralia • • • • • • As world leaders descend on New York for the UN climate action summit – and millions of activists prepare for a global climate strike later this week – the Guardian is joining forces with hundreds of newsrooms around the world to strengthen media coverage of the climate crisis. The @guardian is the lead partner in , an initiative founded earlier this year with @ColumbiaJournalismReview and the Nation to address the urgent need for stronger climate coverage. More than 250 newsrooms representing 32 countries – with a combined monthly reach of more than a billion people – have signed on. This week, ahead of the @unitednations climate summit on 23 September, the Covering Climate Now partners have pledged to increase the volume and visibility of their coverage in the first large-scale collaboration of the partnership. The Guardian is making a selection of its climate coverage available to partners for free to help publications without dedicated desks serve their audiences. The Covering Climate Now network represents every corner of the media including TV networks (CBS News, Al Jazeera), newspapers (El País, the Toronto Star), digital players (BuzzFeed, HuffPost, Vox), wire services (Getty Images, Bloomberg), magazines (Nature, Scientific American), and dozens of podcasts, local publishers, radio and TV stations. Countries represented include Togo, Nepal, Argentina, India, Japan, Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands and dozens more. The Guardian has long made climate coverage a top news priority, keeping the story on its front page daily. Earlier this year, the Guardian updated its style guide to introduce new terms that more accurately describe the environmental crises facing the world. The Guardian now favors the terms and over . march

Alison Eugenie (@alisoneugenie) Instagram Profile Photo

Alison Eugenie

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Today I’m marching for: * my baby niece - she’s 18 days old and it’s her future. * my students - they’re just teenagers, skipping school to strike, and it’s their future. *us - it’s our future too. Climate change literally faces every one of us whether you are ready to open your eyes or not. But we still have time to fix this. . Find a march near you. Raise your placards. Raise your voice. I’ll see you there! . Love, Ali xxo . Posters courtesy of @sl_posters @gus_morainslie 🙌 . #climatemarch

Global Studies (@sbmakeschange) Instagram Profile Photo

Global Studies

Tomorrow there will be an organized right next door in Burlington at 11 at City Hall. If you’re looking to take action feel free to attend the strike! If missing school isn’t your thing, follow this link for ways to make change: #climatemarch @gretathunberg @glblctzn @theglobalgoals

Coby Hallas (@eye_spy_life) Instagram Profile Photo

Coby Hallas

Imi’s tribute towards today’s climate march! ‘Animal are dying, save our planet!’ I will be marching with my girls today for all the right reasons. I want to live in a time when our society starts to live more sustainably, love our creation and nurture our planet for the good of all! My girls and Imi especially are seriously concerned and troubled about the future of their planet and I want to ensure them that we will do our very best to hand over a future that is sustainable for generations to come! . #climatemarch

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