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James Yates ( Instagram Profile Photo

James Yates

Port Bouvard Marina

I don’t mind getting my hands dirty for a good cause. I even made some friends in the process. can u believe we found a lounge @coastalwastewarriors #cleanwaterways @mandurahestuaryguardians

Atmosphere Resorts & Spa (@atmosphereresorts) Instagram Profile Photo

Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

Atmosphere Resorts

@kirstyer86 ・・・ A BIG thank you to all those who got involved in the clean-up activities over the last few days - hugely appreciated!! Thanks to our efforts 169kg of trash has been properly disposed of and won’t end up in the ocean!

Masaplod, Negros Oriental, Philippines

We went upstream for week & day! 1 riverbed, 4 organisations, 30 people, 60 minutes = 147kg of trash. 77% plastic & majority being cement sacks left over from construction 🤦‍♀️ . . . #cleanwaterways

Comm. Kimberly Neely du Buclet (@commissionerkim4water) Instagram Profile Photo

Comm. Kimberly Neely du Buclet

Chicago Riverwalk

Today was a great day to have a boat tour with Chicago Women in Green and Environmentalists of Color to discuss the work MWRD is doing to protect the Chicago River everyday. We appreciate both groups continued advocacy to protecting our environment. We look forward to the opportunity to work together in the future on efforts regarding the Chicago River. Keep up the great work to both of them! . . . ways

International Coastal Cleanup Day is tomorrow. It’s not too late! There are so many projects you can sign up for no matter where you live in this world. What a great way to have the family involved and show we care about the tomorrows for our children. And don’t let the fact that you may not live in a “coastline city” stop you. No, Your cleanup project can be a canyon stream, a lake, a park, whatever. I’ve signed my family up to remove debris and trash from a local canyon preserve which has a river & beautiful waterfall inwards of a 2 mile hike. This canyon is one my teenager’s personal favorite places to go with his friends during the summer months. So grab some supplies: gloves, recyclable buckets, water bottles, hats & sunscreen. These are some of the best Family Fundays ever!! I am hoping to get some great FUN pictures tomorrow and post a few. So please stay tuned. & thank you! Now please go, really ** find your project for tomorrow! 👍🏼

The Thrash Can (@boattrashcan) Instagram Profile Photo

The Thrash Can

@bombchelle_fishing uses her Thrash Can Bucket Topper to keep trash out of our waterways with a @huckperformance bucket. We love seeing people do their part! 👏❤️ #cleanwaterways

It's not business as usual. It hasn't been that way for awhile. Sri Lanka has had drastic weather events from floods in some areas to severe droughts in others. The temperature has increased- we all felt it this year. We are on the list of top ten vulnerable countries from Climate Change. And yet we have done nothing. As far as we know we are the only business closing in Sri Lanka- but we think its important and we stand by that. The times are changing - we must too. Young activists from around the world are striking for the future of our planet. Join them today - find a strike near you on Scroll 👉🏽 to see where we will be later today. #cleanwaterways

The Rocks Push (@therockspush) Instagram Profile Photo

The Rocks Push

Did you know that drift nets in our oceans make up 10% of the world’s marine pollution? Nylon waste from landfills and oceans around the world are transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon. By purchasing a pair of our swim shorts made from Econyl, you’re playing a part in removing these harmful nets & waste from our waterways 🌊🐠 Shop here > . . . #cleanwaterways

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