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Gabby Paredes

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Carlos E. Gonzalez

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Oliver Jackson

Little 2min video of a re-deck and Railings I finished up today. Structure was good except for the 12” ADD-ON the original homeowners did. They never added any bracing or reinforcement to it so over the years it just sagged over time. Re framed it and reinforced it good as new. Staining in a few weeks #carpenter

Granger, Indiana

Egress windows are installed and all ready for window wells to be built! Call me crazy but there is something a little nerve racking about cutting two 4’x4’ holes into someone’s foundation! In my opinion if your aren’t a little probably should be! . Few more walls to get framed up then the electricians are coming in while I go out to build the window wells out of 6x6 PT. . #carpenter . .

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Garrett W Davis

Raymond, Maine

While our footings were setting up today for the stair landing We ripped out 4 sliders going onto the monster deck to flash properly and reinstall them, the right way . Dealt with a little rot which we figured we would but got them all done. Here’s a close up of how we do our lead pans with a nice back dam 👌🏻 • • • #carpenter

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