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Marco Panceri

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Inland | Ed Davenport

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Zlatka Ngo

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Canary Wharf

6 years ago I was in Paris on a "black history tour" - it was the history of black people living in France. Extremly intresting history, as much as it is full of painful stories of slavery, money and greed however thanks to that tour I have met a family of 4 from Chicago. It was a mother, with dauthers and a friend. We spend the day with each other as the tour lasted 7 hours. We have connected almost instantly. At the end of the tour we have exchanged numbers. Over a month ago I have received a message from one of them that she is visiting London for few days and that she would love to meet up! So today, me and my partner we have been invited for a dinner with them! They took us to some expensive restaurant and cover the bill! I couldnt be even more grateful! Theres over 20 years diffrence between us and what I love about it was the fact that we havent seen each other for over 6 years and we have had plenty things to talk about and it was almost a blessing! To know people like them I can truly say "friendship - at its best terms". What connect us, is kidness and great spirit. They have also invited us around to their place in Chicago and they live in Penthouse! I couldnt believe it! Yay, I will have to save up some money to go to Chicago, sadly, it wont happen this year or next year, however I already cant wait! I will start saving money from tomorrow! :D Wish me good luck! Ps. The picture is the Valiant Tower in Canary Wharf. Are you a millionaire? Billionaire? If you do, would you consider doing something you wouldnt even think of doing? If you would like to make one single soul happy - change my life and gift me with this apartment. The price is £1,4 million. Its not about the money - its about the principle of changing someone else life. In fact, I dont want your money, so if you can buy this apartment and handle me the keys - that sounds absolutely perfect to me. Life is short and in life we all need to be helping each other. Always be kind - no matter what! #canarywharf

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Emma Griffiths

Walking back from ecology work, it might be late and tiring but I get to see the sunset! #canarywharf

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Ciarán Good


The old d-wharf-ed by the new #canarywharf

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You that's sparkling at the top, how do you look like underneath #canarywharf

Montgomery Square

The @darkfield_org Séance sensory experience at #canarywharf was awesome! Such a cool idea 😍👻 . *SÉANCE – the first DARKFIELD experience, transforms the interior of a 24ft container into a Victorian séance room. Over 20 minutes, it explores the psychology of a group of people, and asks that they believe, not only in what seems to be happening inside the container but also in what might be conjured up into the room with them* . . . . .

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