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Kari Smyth Design (@karismythdesign) Instagram Profile Photo

Kari Smyth Design

Willow Glen, San Jose, California

What I’ll be saying when clients ask for work today. I have to watch last night’s GOT a few more times. Still not sure who all is dead. So good! . . . #callinginsicktoday

Logan E. 💨 (@logan_exhales) Instagram Profile Photo

Logan E. 💨

Had a lot planned for this week's episode, but my insides are screaming at me... So it's a Rick and Morty & self medicate kind of day instead.... Might have a short video up tonight, might not. Either way, much love to everyone and 💨 . #callinginsicktoday

Daniela Pereira-Pugh (@dmpereira86) Instagram Profile Photo

Daniela Pereira-Pugh

Penrith, Cumbria

World, meet Frankie!! 😍😍 #callinginsicktoday thank you for all your hard work @lambert.lorna

Jemma and Mo (@lemonsandbobo) Instagram Profile Photo

Jemma and Mo

Is the weekend really over? #callinginsicktoday

Manny On A Stick (@manny_on_a_stick) Instagram Profile Photo

Manny On A Stick

Manny didn't have to interview for this job.. Manny interviewed them! #callinginsicktoday

Deniz Tarakcioglu (@deniztar) Instagram Profile Photo

Deniz Tarakcioglu

East Vancouver

baby wanted ragu and lil dumplings for breakfast... #callinginsicktoday

Chloe & Calvin (@chloe_n_calvin) Instagram Profile Photo

Chloe & Calvin

Ignoring my Monday responsibilities. #callinginsicktoday

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