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Марат Амарей (@marat_amarey) Instagram Profile Photo

Марат Амарей

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Goodtype | Strength In Letters

A nice WIP by @tenisvermelho. Swipe to see final. . In light of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, this Goodtype Tuesday, we’ve teamed up again with the incredible cause highlight the importance of talking about mental health with your friends. If you think a friend is going through a tough time, Seize The Awkward provides resources on signs to look for and tips for how to start the conversations. 
Your challenge this week is to letter the phrase “Seize the Awkward” or what you might say to start the conversation – it can be as simple as “Are you OK?,” “You’re not alone,” “I’m here for you,” “If you need to talk, I’m here.” In the caption, tell us why it’s important for you to have open conversations about mental health with your friends.

Tag your work @goodtype @seizetheawkward.and hashtag it and . Need inspiration? Checkout @seizetheawkward. • • • As always, we will repost some of our favorites. Remember, this is all for the encouragement and practice of lettering. Only positive comments and constructive feedback welcome. Multiple entries welcome. All skill levels welcome. Please only enter YOUR work. Entering your work does not make it ours. We give credit where credit is due. Above all, HAVE FUN! • This is a 24 hour activity that happens once a week! Join the Goodtype Newsletter to get a head start on the weekly prompt. • Know someone who should participate? Tag 'em! . . . . . . . . #calligraphy

맘디캘리(홍경희) (@momdcalli) Instagram Profile Photo


바람이 분다 당신이 좋다 🌿 ㆍ ㆍ 맘디캘리는 부채캘리행사 준비중입니다. 촬영지에 간답니다. 인사동 더 이음 프레이스 멋지네요. ㆍ ㆍ 이 순간 소중한 사람이 떠올려지시면~ 맘디캘리 소품으로 힐링선물해보셔요🎁 '맘디캘리' 갬성담은 핸드메이드 소품! 나만의 소품이 되도록(문구&그림변경가능♡) 최선을 다해 정성껏 담아 볼께요^^♡ ㆍ 맘디캘리 작가에 좋아요를 누르세요♥️ 좋은일이 생길거예요~ 마음을 디자인하다 맘디캘리♡ ㆍ ㆍ 🌿프로필상단주소 클릭 하시면, 핸드메이드 소품 부채,액자,키링,책갈피,파우치,용돈봉투,냄비받침등~ 구매가능합니다! ( 아이디어스 앱에서 '맘디캘리'를 검색해 보세요♡ ) ㆍ ********************************************** ㆍ 문의: DM, 카카오:momd3, 01086326777 ㆍ 🍎10월 4주과정도 모집중! ㆍ 소그룹 강의도 가능해요. 서로 시간 맞춰 한답니다(2분이상) 저만의 노하우로 즐거운 수업을 함께해요. ㆍ #calligraphy

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CIIS Public Programs

California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)

On Thursday night, come hear from Oakland based visual artist Rupy Tut, whose work is rooted in an 18th century traditional art form, Indian miniature painting, and also calligraphy of South Asian languages. Join Rupy as she invites us to examine the value of tradition, all while embracing the complicated intersectionality of being a modern woman, a traditional maker, and an immigrant in America. #calligraphy

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Creative Collections

🙌🏻 Ugh this weather is soooo crazy! 30D on Monday then bam snowing in springtime and temps at 2D. It’s been a crazy Month of on and off sickness in this family and with sleepless nights getting all but too comfortable, I welcome some weather consistency! P.s Totally happy for the rain but maybe ease into Mother Nature. ✍🏻Tombow Calligraphy pen hard tip #calligraphy

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